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Best bbq side dishes in Tampa Bay

Hi, I would like to put together a list of where one can find the best sides dishes in the Tampa Bay area. BBQ and southern/soul food restaurants.

I will start off by throwing Smokey Bones corn bread into the mix. Skillet baked and served with honey pecan butter.

Where else can I find great corn bread, slaw, mac n cheese, greens etc? Thanks.

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  1. I like the cheese grits at Lee Roy Selmons

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      I like the sweet potato souffle at Sooo Good.

    2. I'm a huge fan of the cornbread casserole at Lee Roy Selmon's, and i really love the mac n cheese skillet at Smoke

      1. Baked Beans at First Choice in Brandon.

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          The mac n' cheese at First Choice is good, and, as the guy says when you order it, 'its spicy'.

        2. the cinnamon beans at Big John's Alabama on 40th St (good Q, too!)

          and darned near anything from Smokey Bones. Chain or not, they put out some rockin' food.

          1. I'm partial to the cole slaw at Butler's BBQ in St. Petersburg. I always avoided slaw until I had it, now I love it.

            And the grits at Lee Roy Selmon's are the bomb.

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              I really really need to make it back over to Lee Roys. So close to my office and it has been years since I have been there.

            2. Collard greens at the Smokin' Rib Joint in Largo.

              1. i was very impressed with the sides and glazed buns at Grandpa Johnson's in Plant City.

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                  I second Grandpa Johnson's...great greens and sweet potato souffle. (And the best ribs in southwest fl.)

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                    thanks again for turning me on to Grandpa's, laboheme! i've been wanting to get back out there for months.

                2. Is there anywhere 'round here that does hash and rice?

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                    Have you checked with Butler's in north St. Pete? They might.

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                      Not lately, and I don't recall it. But, I guess a visit to ole' Butlers is overdue! You're right though - w/ their Carolina roots, it would be my best place to start looking.

                  2. Big Mikes BBQ from a food truck. The best Collard greens I had in my life, I was raised in the south and I guarantee u WILL NOT find better greens in your life! I ordered 2 quarts to take home to show off to coworkers, if.... I don't eat them already. Off Sheldon between hillsborough and waters.