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Burgers on the North Shore?

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Looking for a place with a very good burger here on the north shore. We are joining friends for dinner so would like to be able to sit and enjoy a meal. It does not have to be fancy, just delicious. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Pete Miller's, the steakhouse in Evanston, does an excellent burger, and it's a good place to sit and enjoy your meal.

    1. The standard for burgers on the North Shore is Hackney's. It's kind of an institution that's been around for as long as I can remember (and that's a VERY long time). Their website says 1920s.

      If you go, the standard is to order the burger on black bread and with a brick of onion rings. You will almost certainly taste the onion rings for some time after (and your cholesterol will NOT thank you), but it is part of the charm.

      There are several Hackney's locations. These are the ones on the North Shore:

      Hackney's on Harms - rather small and rustic and, I think, with an outdoor patio when it's warm
      1241 Harms Rd., Glenview

      Hackney's on Lake - quite large, but divided up into more intimate rooms
      1514 E. Lake Ave, Glenview

      There are also Hackney's in Palos Park, Lake Zurich, Wheeling and I think in the South Loop, but these are the ones on the North Shore

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        I'm seconding this! The buffalo burger (animal, not pseudo-chicken wings) is really nice. Harms Road is definitely our favorite. And yes, there is a patio out back.

      2. Prairie Grass on Skokie Blvd. in Northbrook has an excellent, Tallgrass Beef burger. Also surprisingly good is the Tallgrass burger at Firehouse Grill in Evanston, on south Chicago Ave.

        Tallgrass Restaurant
        1006 S State St, Lockport, IL 60441

        1. I have tried some of the offerings here on the North Shore and can definitely state that Abigail's Bistro in Highland Park is definitely worth it. It was ranked by Chicago magazine in the top five for Chicagoland.


          Have also tried the burger at Prairie Grass- also worth the trip.

          If you are seeking more of a fast food environment, then you cannot go wrong with Five Guys (its a chain, but a good burger nevertheless). I know they have a restaurant in Vernon Hills.

          1. If you're ever looking for a great burger - IMHO, the very BEST burger on the North Shore - but if it doesn't have to be for dinner, go to Edzo's in Evanston. Their burgers are the best (I guess I already said that) and they have the best milk shake I've had in the past 25 years. However, they close at 4 pm, so it's not available for your initial query about dinner. (Ed, the owner, created his restaurant with those hours so he could eat dinner at home with his family every night!) www.edzos.com

            1. Watch for the opening this month of Everest Burger on Green Bay Road in Glencoe - all organic, mile high.

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                One of my favorites is the big, somewhat greasy char-cheddar single or double at Poochie's, 3832 Dempster St., Skokie. Very good, also greasy, fries. Not health food, but it makes you feel good about yourself anyway.

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                  Note that Poochie's is going to be moving down the street very soon. There are signs in the window at the current location as well as at the new one.

              2. Skip that everest burger place. Tried it today. It sucked. Go to Beinlichs.

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                  That's disappointing. I was hoping it would be good. What did you have and what sucked about it?

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                    Please do give some detail, because I've been to beinlichs and it is not a good burger.

                    For those in the city, go to The Counter burger on Diversey. It's from northern california and by far the best mid-priced (non steakhouse) custom made (over 200 combos to chose from) burger i've had in a while. That and their onion strings are good and while not as greasy and gross as Hackneys' loaf, i think better tasting. It was so nice that one opened here so I don't need to fly to Palo Alto for one anymore

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                      JB, please do give some detail on why you didn't like Beinlich's? It has been a HP instiution for years and years. Definitely one I would recommend.

                      1. re: Diane in Bexley

                        Agree it's an institution, I just think that in this day and age of high quality beef with high quality rolls at so many places, I would not go there for the burger. I would go there for the "ambience" and the nostalgia, but if you want a high-quality burger, it's just not there. It's an OK burger, but I cannot recommend that someone pass up the much better quality beef and fixins' at at least 5 other places.

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                      >> >> Skip that everest burger place. Tried it today. It sucked.

                      >> That's disappointing. I was hoping it would be good. What did you have and what sucked about it?

                      I ate at Everest Burger for lunch today, and I agree, 100 percent. The burger was dreadful, the worst made-to-order burger I can remember eating. I had a beef burger (the one with barbecue sauce, they called it a "Texas burger") and it just didn't taste like a good beef burger. The fries were nothing great either; they were the skinny shoestring kind, and they didn't taste like potatos.

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                        There just wasn't any flavor to the meat. The patty was very small, and there was so much bread that you couldn't possibly taste whatever else was in there.

                    3. Try Landmark in downtown Northbrook.
                      Surprisingly excellent!

                      1. Meier's Tavern in Glenview. Delicious burgers - especially the patty melt

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