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10th Ave. Burrito Co. - Belmar ~ Featured on DD&D

I personally wish they would use more corn tortillas, but they do well in a Cal-Mex kind of way...


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  1. I saw the show last night ....the food looks wonderful especially the Pork Mole & Adobo Wings....
    I'll be there tomorrow for lunch or dinner.... :)


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      you won't be disappointed... fun, funky, relaxed atmosphere... all they care about is everyone having a good time and kicking great food out of the kitchen....

    2. Caught this as well last night. I've driven by dozens of times and never stopped in. Plan on stopping by soon. Agree that the Pork Mole looked superb.

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        They do the pork mole as tacos too, if you don't feel up to tackling the whole platter...


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          As a Taco is good ...leaves room to try more items on the menu cant wait. : )

      2. Some of us are doing a dinner at 10th Ave. tonight at 6pm. If anyone would be interested in joining us feel free to show up...

        1. Did dinner at 10th Ave. last night. Was a great meal! Started by getting orders of guacamole and cheese with roasted jalapeno to go with the chips and salsa already provided (note: the "hot" salsa served here is actually quite hot; I like it!). Bottles of Cholula hot sauce adorn each table.

          The overall style seems to be Cal/Mex, but there is enough variation to set it apart from any particular genre. I guess you could call it Jersey Shore/Mex... Along with south of the border specialties there are a couple additions like the wings and beer battered onion rings, both done really well. The wings are available in either housemade adobo sauce (see video above) or a chipotle barbecue sauce. They were both very good and there was some disagreement at the table as to which was the overall favorite. The onion rings were large and plentiful and the beer flavor was evident.

          Most of us opted for Tacos, including the pork mole, steak, choriso and tilapia. Since the last time I had visited in the Summer they have now opted to offer corn tortillas as well as flour (What? Chef/Owner Brian will take Guy Fieri's advice but not mine? What's with that?) :-)

          One of our group also ordered the Chicken in Adobo Cream Sauce, which was a huge portion! The strips of chicken were served over rice with cheese and a creamy sauce with a great flavor that we ultimately found included cloves and cinnamon, as well as many other seasonings.

          The place was not very busy when we arrived at 6pm, but gradually filled up, with many of the guests having heard about the place from the DD&D episode. Even the owner of Jersey Shore BBQ a couple doors down stopped by for a visit. The service was excellent and attentive, and Brian the owner moved about the room greeting and chatting with the patrons.

          All in all a great time was had by all! The portions were generous and there was an obvious pride in the operation. The bill came to $30 a person, which included leftovers for another day. A nice addition to the shore scene...

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            Mark...great review & of course we all enjoyed dining out again as usual at 10th Ave Burrito Co. To add to your review....my favorite wings although both were very good were the addictive Adobo sauced ones, hot, messy and delicious which came with a delicious Avocado sour cream dipping sauce also to cool things down a bit . I also enjoyed my three tacos , Pork Mole, Tilapia fish....and the interesting Portobello Taco fresh and tasty. We also orderd the Spicy Mac-n-Cheese Pasta tossed with Chorizo and spicy mac sauce, nice kick and very filling. By the end of dinner I was stuffed.....service was super attentive friendly and informative also. Good friends, Good food, what more can you ask for?


            10th Ave Burrito Co
            817 Belmar Plaza, Belmar, NJ 07719

            1. BUUUUUUUUUUMP. I was driving home from the shore earlier today and realized I didn't ever remember seeing a post about 10th Avenue Burrito Company. And, voila! Thank you, Search. :-)

              In the last couple of years, this has become one of my go-to spots (the other being Jersey Shore BBQ, 2 doors down from 10th Ave) when I'm down in Spring Lake or Belmar. Their mindset is "nothing from a can," which would explain why everything is always so very fresh-tasting! I'm particularly fond of their hot/sweet corn 'chowder' (no dairy involved) and the pork mole, which you can have in (soft) tacos or in a burrito. Unless it's the lunchtime taco portion, I never leave there without leftovers, as the burritos are HUGE!

              Excellent spot, fun vibe, and they've just moved to the end of the strip (the old Vivo's space) so now they have outdoor (covered) seating as well as indoor, and a big bar, which they're waiting to open as soon as they get the liquor license, so for the time being it's BYO. Signs for an $8 lunch special (cup of soup, burrito and a soda) will give you an idea of what a big bargain it is... NOT fancy, and even if you don't have a slew of tattoos, the people working there are nice. :-) Lots of folks coming right from or en route to the beach, so dress is beyond casual. GO!

              ETA: The strip mall sits behind Freeman's Bakery, which is on the corner of 10th Ave and Main. There's also an entrance to the (annoying) parking lot off of 8th Ave.

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                We were checking out the new location early Saturday morning - looks cool. The addition of the bar surprised me. That's a very costly investment in a town like Belmar (I can't seem to figure out who's it was). I suppose it really illustrates the power of a little TV exposure - especially when it's shown over and over.

                Also, it's worth noting that there is a Tuesday AYCE wings special.

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                  I believe that it is the seasonal license from The Tropical Pub that used to be near the beach.

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                    I hope it stays seasonal - this place begs for you to walk in with your own six pack.

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                      wizard - Do you know when they will have the license? I'd like to get in one more visit before I'm paying six bucks a pint. Though, I'll bet they will offer a decent craft selection.

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                        The resolution is on the agenda of the Belmar council meeting this Monday at 5PM.

                          1. re: MGZ

                            The resolution was removed from agenda and postponed until the July 18, 2012

                            1. re: wizard2

                              Thanks for the update.

                              Having been involved in a couple of them, I can honestly say I'm not the least bit surprised. Local ABC Board/Town Council meetings at the Shore, and especially in Belmar/South Belmar (Lake Como), are unlike any other governmental approval proceedings I've ever experienced. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the mayor cuts a deal where the waitresses from 10th Ave. have to wash his car while wearing bikinis, twice a month, in return for approval.

                              1. re: wizard2

                                rumor has it that the resolution passed last night

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                        Shouldn't the establishment be renamed "8th Ave. Burrito Co? :-)

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                          Don't know if you've been back, Mark, but they have some very high octane hot sauces around if you ask.

                        2. re: MGZ

                          Just correcting myself - Tuesdays are AYCE tacos, not wings.

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                          Freedman's is on the corner of 8th. I usually go up 8th (west) from Main & find parking right in front of the restaurant.

                        4. looks like i'm driving to belmar soon!

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                            Went tonight for the first time, and looks like they don't need any more help from my review!

                            We where told about 20 minutes wait, but ended up only being about a 10 minute wait for a table, staff was plenty attentive and kept the sodas filled. We figured we'd try the nachos with pork mole.. OMG.. like no other Tex-Mex I've had before.. THICK freshly fried chips, covered in fresh tasty pico, mounds of cheese, the incredible pork mole, and lightly drizzled with sour cream. For around 8 bucks, they would have been enough for the both of us to share as an Entree. Definatley Recommend those.

                            Fiancee had the spicy mac and cheese with chorizo.. well.. a few bites of it.. she was so full from the nachos! It was spicy.. but in a good way.. the spice doesn't knock you on your butt, but builds up from the back of your mouth as you eat it.. and the portion size.. omg again! must have been the whole damn box of macaroni in that giant bowl. And we where only talking like 9 bucks or something again.. Most of that is in our fridge right now :-D

                            I got 3 tacos.. I requested to make a combo and the waitress didn't flinch, so I guess they get that request a lot. Got the Steak and Cheese, Chicken and Cheese, and Mole and Cheese.

                            Really all three where great.. fresh grilled meat, and produce, just the right amount of filling packed into each taco, hardly any fell out. On the second and 3rd tacos, I really felt bad because I could only get half of each down.. was so full from the nachos.. a shame to waste the food.

                            I noticed on the menu that the tacos come on your choice of flour or corn tortillas. I forgot to ask about it, and it came out with the defaulted flour tortillas. I don't think that was a detriment at all, because the tacos where really good.

                            If I had to have one negative about the food, it would be the rice and beans served with my tacos. They where cooked perfectly.. but just plain white rice and black beans. Nothing special added.

                            The bill came and it was just about $32 for the nacho appetizer, spicy mac and cheese, my three taco combo, and a soda. I'm really blown away by the quality AND quantity to price ratio. I can't even get this amount of food at a run of the mill diner for $32. Let alone something this great.

                            Its kind of far away, but I'm sure we will be back, and will probably be bringing some friends back.

                          2. Finally got around to going to 10 Ave. Burrito for the first time. Lunch there this afternoon. In addition to the housemade chips with salsas and guacamole, we both had the Beef Chili Burrito. All delicious.

                            Special kudos to our terrific server Michelle.

                            Next time, the pork mole and the wings.

                            Photos of today's lunch: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


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                            1. re: RGR

                              R - Great pictures as usual. Thank you.

                              1. re: bgut1

                                Thanks for the compliment, b.! :) Have you been there?


                                1. re: RGR

                                  R - I just tried it this afternoon with my youngest. I would give the place a solid "B". Positives would include the fantastic adobo wings (which were fried as opposed to grilled as shown on DDD), the pork mole, as well as the freshly made guacamole, salsa and pico. Negatives for me include the chips (made from flour tortillas as opposed to corn?), the lack of seasoning in the guacamole, pico and the bland beans and rice. I am looking forward to returning and trying other dishes. BTW, in response to the above posters with regard to the liquor license, they are currently serving alcohol (curiously instead of focusing on beer, they provided a wine list with the menu).

                                  1. re: bgut1

                                    bgut1...glad you tried it....I am not surprised at the blandness at many of the so called tex/mex joints......Surf taco, Buckaboos, is another, etc.......unless its REAL Mexican or Latinos in the kitchen using "authentic ingredients" and know what they are doing, I have learned to stay away from anything but. & many people dont even know the difference anyway.

                                    1. re: bgut1

                                      Yeah, B/B- is what I'd say too. The food had more character back when they were in the hole on 10th Ave. Nevertheless, the hot salsa still has some pop - it's the other ones that have been dumbed down for the crowds. The television exposure has been good for the owners' wallets, but probably bad for a 'hounds palate.

                                      The ability to serve booze is a chance for them to try and do something more than simply appeal to the masses. But, a wine list? Really? What else are they going to do? Buckets of PBR cans? Bud Light Lime specials?

                                      BTW - Has anyone ever seen a place on DD&D that the guy didn't like?

                                      1. re: MGZ


                                        Having never been to 10th Ave. before, I obviously can't speak to the "dumbing down" of the medium and mild salsas. But, frankly, I think you are being a bit too harsh since there are actually some of us who are food-obssessed but don't like extremely spicy salsa -- I being one of them. So, I really appreciated having one salsa that didn't set my mouth on fire. Plus, I Iike my salsa chunky, which is how the mild version is prepared.

                                        Not that I watch DD&D with extreme regularity, but I've never seen a place he didn't like. However, it seems to me that the show's premise is to present only places he's liked. So, I'm guessing if he finds a place that falls short, they don't show it.

                                        I've seen two places in Manhattan on the show: The Redhead and Gazala Palace While I've yet to get to either, I've read high praise from people who have been. So, at least in those cases, his raves were justified.


                                        1. re: RGR

                                          It's nice that you like low heat sauces, but it's a shame that you miss out on so many extra nuances of flavor that way. You can develop your palate to tolerate the heat better through repeat exposure and thereby have a chance to experience more. Piquance is not only an additional "taste" to be explored, but there are hidden flavors in various hotter chiles that simply have to be looked for.

                                          As for DD&D, I suppose it's possible that they go to places and when the food sucks they just throw out the footage. I am inclined to think that rather than waste money in such a way, the host just eats whatever they want to highlight (or are asked to) and acts like he loves it. It makes for good tv that way and very few people are ever going to travel the country checking up on it.

                                          1. re: MGZ

                                            I was under the impression that DD&D pretty much only goes to places that are alrealdy "local favorites".. they get suggestions from Fans and then check it out.. I think the premise of the show is that the place has to alrealdy be doing something right..

                                            I 'spose you guys could be right and some less than stellar places get thrown in, but on the other hand, there is at least one or two places around here that have been on DD&D and Food Network, which I personally thought weren't all that awesomely stupendous, however everyone seems to love them. I guess it just all comes down to opinions.

                                            This thread picked my interest back up since we where at 10th Ave last night. My Fiancee wanted the pork mole nachos again, and I remembered seeing on their Facebook that the motorcycle show was at 10th Ave yesterday, we took a chance hoping that the line wouldn't be too long. We got there as the show was wrapping up and although the bar area was busy.. we where able to walk right in and get a table. Shared the nachos and a steak quesadilla. Nachos again where exquisite, steak quesadilla was done well, but pretty much just good steak and cheese, kept it basic, no frills. Service was great even with the craziness going on.

                                            1. re: MGZ

                                              If you're right, then the show would lose credibility (therefore, lose ratings) if they went to lousy places and faked it. Sure, some may be better than others, but I have to imagine there is some kind of vetting process so they don't waste their time and money. However, I don't know how DDDs are selected, I'm only supposing.

                                              1. re: aklein

                                                I went to the newest version of 10th Ave Burrito for the first time today. I loved the original hole in the wall and came to really enjoy the next location as well. I think I'm out though. Today, the food was kind of sloppy and it seemed like such a "scene' which to me, is always a death knell. Many may still like it but I can tell it's no longer my kind of place. I love mom and pop labor of love type restaurants and with the new bar and much larger space, I just don't get that vibe anymore.

                                                1. re: aklein

                                                  Guy is human and doesn't like everything. Fans of the show can tell when he's not enjoying something, based on his response.

                                                  It's very unlikely they are throwing away footage of entire restaurants. The show is highly edited and it's not difficult to make something seem better than it is.

                                                  1. re: tommy

                                                    Not sure I understand. If he show is highly edited, isn't it very _likely_ that they are throwing away footage?

                                                    1. re: tommy

                                                      "The show is highly edited and it's not difficult to make something seem better than it is."

                                                      That was my point, I mean, not every one of the dishes he tries could be "Off the hook, man!"

                                                      1. re: MGZ

                                                        I can't recall him saying "man", but we do agree, although I don't think there's a lot of acting involved. He really doesn't seem to like some stuff, and it shows.

                                                        Many have concluded that when he sort of names the ingredients in a dish after he eats it, it didn't wow him. Seems to be a reliable tell.

                                                        Speaking of the wings, I thought I recall (From the show) that they are deep fried and finished on the grill.

                                                        1. re: tommy

                                                          Don't know that much about the show, or even the episode (which I only saw online), but I do know that the "featured" wings were pretty good when I added some Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce.

                                                          1. re: MGZ

                                                            My wing comment was a non sequitur. I should have replied to bgut1's post about them being fried and not grilled.

                                                            1. re: tommy

                                                              No sweat - but, if you do get a chance to try them, think about adding some heat, it helped.

                                    2. For what it's worth, since moving to the new location the local marketing seems most heavily focused on the bar.

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                                        Since they only have the liquor license until October, no surprise they are pushing the liquor... instant cash!

                                        1. re: equal_Mark

                                          I knew it was over for me when they had a tequila tasting menu or some such nonsense. I loved the original grungy place with all of the tattooed employees. I hated the music but liked going anyway. I love places that are the vision of an individual rather than a corporate investment opportunity. It took me a little while to warm up to the second location but eventually I liked it even better than the first since it was much more comfortable to eat there. The newest place just leaves me cold. It's too big, too chopped up, the food now seems like an afterthought. It really seems like they are promoting a "scene". It might be fun for kids but I liked the creative small local vibe of #1 and #2. Sad for me but I'm sure it will find an audience.

                                        2. I think the whole place is over rated. You serve large portions to anyone and they will rave. You have to pay for tortilla chips, really? Anyplace else GIVES them to you while you are waiting for your food. Speaking of waiting, the place was not that busy but still had wait 20 minutes while looking at empty tables. "The kitchen is backed up so we are not seating anyone" Well maybe I wanted a beer while waiting. Ordered the burrito with shrimp, came out cold, even the rice and beans. My date had a chicken dish with mole' sauce that she said was just okay. I drove 40 miles for this. The server had an attitude like I was doing her a favor by serving me.Guess DD&D was there when they were in that other location. At least dessert was good in Asbury Park....

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                                          1. re: zappafan

                                            "I think the whole place is over rated"


                                            "Speaking of waiting, the place was not that busy but still had wait 20 minutes while looking at empty tables. "The kitchen is backed up so we are not seating anyone" Well maybe I wanted a beer while waiting."

                                            I submit that the proper response was to articulate where you were at:

                                            "The kitchen is backed up . . . "
                                            "No sweat. We'd be cool to sit and drink a few beers - don't even need a glass."

                                            As to driving forty miles, I'm sorry. In the future, keep in mind that DD&D is glorified advertising. Next time trust a 'hound!

                                            1. re: MGZ

                                              "In the future, keep in mind that DD&D is glorified advertising. Next time trust a 'hound!"

                                              AGREED ON THAT ONE! I also agree that this place has terrible service issues; didn't read back to see if I've posted about them here, but the last time I went to the new location, my friends and I left for Jersey Shore BBQ 3 stores down instead--all because of the "we can't seat you" while there were empty tables all around! Maybe once the (seasonal) liquor license is offline they'll think a bit more, but I wouldn't count on it. Still, I like some of their food, and if I'm in the area for a beach day, I go there to grab lunch.

                                            2. re: zappafan

                                              In all fairness, I think they may have bitten off more than they could chew (!) when they moved up to the new, larger location. I don't think it's a lack of interest in the customers, though I'd argue that some of the new hires in the front of the house are clueless and distant. They're trying but it's not going well, I fear. We have been strong supporters of 10thAve since the original location and worried when they announced the move from #2 to the new space, since it's so much larger and they're obviously banking on the season liquor license to pay the rent. We'll keep trying, but I thinik they've lost their way.

                                              1. re: aklein

                                                The Hostess told me last night that they are going to have a permanent liquor license in March. It should permit them to open up the bar year round and seat folks faster, but the kitchen does a sh*tty job keeping up with crowds. Honestly, the BYO factor was what I most liked about it - sixty bucks for four for dinner, plus whatever you bring in to drink was fine, but spending well over a hundred for the same B- food and mediocre service* is a lousy value.

                                                Nonetheless, they'll keep on making money. Maybe open another place or two and completely retreat from what got them noticed in the first place.

                                                *I should note that there was a blond haired kid with glasses working as a busboy who was actually great.

                                                1. re: MGZ

                                                  Guess that's good news/bad news regarding the liquor license. Good for their income, but bad for us. I think the BYO at the second location was perfect and the food was better. You're right, the kitchen can't keep up. I don't know if they're cutting corners or just slow, but it really took the quality down several notches. I know the owner cares about the place, but I think it's too big, too fast and now, it might be over (for us).

                                                  1. re: aklein

                                                    Agreed. The first spot had a lot of funk to it, but the second was probably right for 'hounds. The owner does care, but he's makin' enough cash to no longer have to sweat over the stove. Maybe he'll get a chance to open an outlet in Times Square?

                                                  2. re: MGZ

                                                    *I should note that there was a blond haired kid with glasses working as a busboy who was actually great.
                                                    This young man covered our table the night we were there. He was terrific and very friendly. I was disappointed in my fish taco (tiny tiny piece of fish in all 3) but I'd venture again to try other items.