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Feb 7, 2011 06:49 PM

Cakes like in Cake Boss

I've been watching Cake Boss and of course starts craving cakes...
Anybody knows how I can get a cake with fondant just like in Cake Boss??

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    1. This girl from the north shore of Montreal sure looks like she is doing beautifull fondant cakes :

      Her page is on facebook!

      That said, it's quite easy to do a fondant cake if you are handy!

      1. I've never had any of these cakes, but my sister-in-law has had multiple flavors and says they are all delicious:

        1. I should mention that fondant is just for looks. It's not something I enjoy eating as it's basically just icing sugar, so is super sweet.

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            Finally to satisfy my cake craving, I ended up having cupcakes at Les Glaceurs in the old port. The red velvet was delicious! The icing had just a small hint of cream cheese, just the way I like, not too overwhelming.