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Sunday brunch in Norwalk, Wilton, or Westport - recommendations please

only stipulation is they have to have a liquor license :0)

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        It's called the Schoolhouse at Cannondale...but I agree, great food.

      2. I recently had the breakfast buffet at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Norwalk. Nice variety of items and quality in a cosy atmosphere. All you can eat for $15!

        1. Silvermine Tavern had a good Sunday brunch, but a little voice in my head seems to be saying they are out of business. You'll want to double check, I could be misremembering, and their website is still up..

          edit: Just noticed I got tricked into replying to an almost year-old thread, shame on me..

          1. Boathouse in Westport (in the Saugatuck rowing Club)
            Match or Strada 18 in Norwalk

            1. Sugar & Olives is great, or we like the redding roadhouse.

              1. Nicholas Roberts Norwalk. BYOB and fantastic.

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                1. re: stamfoodie

                  only stipulation is they have to have a liquor license

                  So that absolutely rules out your suggestion, of course 15 months after the OP it may not even matter

                2. Second the schoolhouse at cannondale. Great brunch and wonderful outdoor patio. Plus they mix an awesome bloody mary.