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Feb 7, 2011 05:24 PM

HK Brunch - suitable for alcoholic vegetarians

Hello Chowhounds,

I've seen quite a few posts on brunches in HK since I've started viewing this board and wondered if anyone could recommend a good brunch for anglo/francophiles, one of whom is vegetarian (not even pescetarian) and all of whom are fully capable of knocking back three bottles of champagne a sitting.

I'd initially been hoping to book Whisk, but this seems to have changed drastically (no longer serving Roederer, the caviar, etc).

I look forward to your advice,

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  1. The "whisk" website still says they do the Roederer but the menu doesn't look great. We found the best way to get some insight was to phone each restaurant to get details and get them to email restaurants. I am a bit pessimistic about getting extensive veggo options though, all the ones I have been to are very meat and fish heavy.

    That said if they can demolish three bottles of champagne in the lunchtime slot it is still good value......I found I wasn't limited by capacity but the speed of refilling glasses, I suspect they limit over consumption this way.