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Feb 7, 2011 04:36 PM

Majestic Retreats for Passover

Can anyone give me feedback on Majestic Retreats for Passover in Ft. Lauderdale? Thanks.

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  1. My good friends go there every year. I visited them when it was at the hyatt (I think its at the westin now). It was chol hamoed and a milchigs lunch. the food was great and plentiful. Looked like a low key kind of crowd, which is really nice. The food was served on paper plates and in tins. I'm not sure if that is what its like at all programs but I was a little surprised. In any case I thought the whole thing was pretty good.

    1. Hello- saw this post and considered it a moral responsibility to let people know how awful our experience was Pesach 2010 in the Hyatt (Ft. Lauderdale) so ppl. don't waste their money. Majestic Retreats are liars. They promised programs, great food, tea room, etc. The tea room was guarded (literally) by one of the program director's mother. She looked at what everyone was taking. When we wanted to go take a long walk, we asked for water bottles, and were told we already had one! They promised us healthy options would be available, and guess what? That was a lie too. Programs were non- existent even though they were promised. Meals were a disorganized mess, and leftovers were served often. People were complaining the whole time how disorganized it was, how they lied to everybody, and how they wasted their money and wouldn't come back. They were literally hiding when people went to complain. At least if they would have been mensches and apologized, given us money back, something to own up to their inexperience/disorganization, maybe they could have salvaged their self respect and business.

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        Hi. I can't speak to the past, but our family spent Passover with Majestic Retreats at the Westin Beach Resort in Ft. Lauderdale. Loved It! No really, it was excellent. This is our 4th year going away (PR, AZ, and 2 years in Orlando) and this was by far the best time we had. The food was great, plentiful (always served on china btw UWSFoodie) and beautifully presented, though I am more of a dairy person myself (they served meat lunches a bit too much I thought). The Tea-room was also really good, but it was a HUGE pain to clean my boys clothes when we came back because their pants pockets were stained with candies and chocolates they took from the tea-room! The hotel was excellent with everything on 1 level, which is really important for all of us who go away with young kids. Service was very good. Maybe a few too many doctors as part of their lecture lineup, but really an amazing program - I definately reccomend and would go back (as long as I can get the larger ocean view corner room again for me and my kids- I didn't pay...).

      2. Last year at Majestic was the second program we went to for Passover. We are going back this year too. Overall i would give them a solid 8.5 out of 10. Food was very good. Hotel was beautiful. Crowd was very nice modern orthodox group. Kids program was very good. Entertainment could have been a bit better, but I understand they are improving that this year (their ad says they are having a petting zoo and pony rides everyday which my kids will love). My biggest concern last year was seating at the beach. Last year we had to get there early in order to have a chair. I did not like leaving right after breakfast so that I would get to sit on the beach. They added more chairs as the program went on and I was told that the hotel purchased a lot more...I sure hope so! Other than that issue, we had a great time, which is why we are going back...

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          Just booked with Majestic for 2nd year. Flights are EXPENSIVE!!!! Anyway, we really enjoyed it last year in almost every way. Really nice owner's - very warm family. Just ask for high floor if you book facing the intracoastal, as view on low floors isn't really good. Obviously, I wish we could have gotten an ocean view, but the cost of flights limited us a bit. I didn't have a chair problem myself, but I mostly hung out in lobby or on the sky deck which was awesome in itself. We are not big eaters but what we had was very good and there was great selection. I also hope we get our waiter from last Passover...

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