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Feb 7, 2011 03:40 PM

Restaurants in Canton, Oh

Heading to Canton on Wednesday to see our college student swim at NCAC's. We will be there for several days. We've been to Canton a few times before and find it hard to find good (non-national chain-type) restaurants where we can go for lunch with a few hungry college kids, something sit down, not just pizza; we have a car, and time available for a decent lunch. Have been to several of the chains + to Mulligan's most visits, and it's been okay, but we'd like to try something different, -- great sandwiches/soup/salads. Also, where to go in the evening as a couple (no students) for dinner and after, a few drinks and a casual place (we're staying at the CY Marriott). Would love to have options! Thanks.

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  1. the giesen haus is a pretty cool german place ( and bombay sitar is a great indian place ( there is also a BBQ joint - locally owned - several locations - called old carolia bbq (

    a possible night time/couple spot might be bender's tavern ( it is a bit farther from your hotel but it is the oldest restaurant in canton. the food & drinks are good and it has some great charm - very dark, high plush booths. very cool.

    and here's a thread re. canton from a while back -

    1. Thanks, lizetteorama. We had a nice (but cold) trip and enjoyed a couple of spots listed on the thread. Will be back again next year and Geisen Haus will be our first food stop, followed by Benders!


      Geisen Haus
      6955 Promway Ave NW, Canton, OH 44720