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Worcester Lunch or Dinner

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I am taking my cool 87 year young mom to either lunch or early dinner Sat. She loves Sole Proprietor, Chophouse, Bocado and used to love Block 5 Bistro to name a few. She is going to Beechwood Wed.

I need a few recs please. Something amazing, nothing ethnic or funky...I have taken her to too many places that she still talks about (One Love Cafe and Da Lat to name a few she did not quite love)....

Much appreciation

(she loves BBQ but I don't eat meat so seafood essential...)

Sole Proprietor
118 Highland St., Worcester, MA 01609

82 Winter Street, Worcester, MA 01604

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  1. Is she going to The Beechwood to stay or going to Ceres Bistro (inside the hotel) to dine?

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      dining at Ceres so we cannot go there...I was thinking Lucky Cafe on Grove St. Great reviews on www.yelp.com and my friend loves it. I have a fear we may end up at the Sole again..not my fav but an ok spot.

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        For a early dinner, try the The People's kitchen above the Citizen in downtown. Its the same group who do Bocado's and Block five. Classic food with a twist. She love it

        82 Winter Street, Worcester, MA 01604

        1. re: oldschoolshrewsburyST

          The People's Kitchen looks PERFECT....

          1. re: phelana

            It was very good when I went a couple of months back. It is upstairs though, from Citizen's Bar. Not sure if stairs are an issue for Mom or not, so I thought I'd mention it.

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            Great rec. TPK is awesome!

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              I called to change our res from 4:45 to 5 and to add my child. A kind man, Kevin called back and obliged but said he needed our table at 6:30. No worries..this was more a late lunch early supper. Driving in Worc. was interesting: mad high snow banks, no parking ,a mess...we parked out front and called inside via my cell to ask where the valet was. A nice young man came out and said to parallel park into the handicap entry area for the time being as the valet was late. It was a tight fit but I did it. Mom and my daughter went inside. Here it was a little confusing. There were 2 parties behind us and I added to the commotion asking if someone would move my car. I am in the field of counseling/rehab and abhor people parking in illegal handicap areas. The young man in front was unclear which added to my trepidation. Then Kevin showed up and things started to flow. We were taken to the elevator (mom does better walking down vs up stairs at 87 years of age) which is outside and around the back. Inside the elevator we smelled cigar. Once upstairs there was a slight but evident smell that we quickly got used to (Cigar bar downstairs). The setting is dark and stark. I don't recall any music. Carlos was our waiter. He was a very chatty, friendly and sincere waiter. He guided us through the menu. At some point Kevin came back with my valet tag. I had a nice Sicilian red, Mom had a Stella Artois and my kiddo nada. Mom chose the buttermilk chicken dinner, same for my daughter plus the mac and cheese app and I had the tuna as recommended by Carlos. The bread was amazing with a nice EVOO dipping plate. The place started to really fill up. We all liked the mac and cheese, a nice sized app portion just as it was at Block 5 Bistro. Then the entrees came. In short we all loved the chicken. It was juicy inside and a nice crust outside. The greens were lovely. The mashed potatoes were lumpy and good. The gravy was mild..so so.

              My tuna came perfectly rare but it was sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes with ratatouille. It was an odd combo that I did not enjoy and barely ate. I just could not get into it. I had a few bites of the tuna but instead helped my kiddo eat her massive portion. I had another red wine, an Oleana from Oregon I believe. Ambrosia. We were out by 6:15. Our waiter was great..he disappeared towards the end largely but a few nice women working the front helped immensely. It was a nice dinner, nothing wow but really ok.

              One odd mention, when Carlos brought our water I immediately took a sip and the exterior of the glass was gritty. He quickly returned with another class, this one the same in fact all of our glasses had what might be soap detergent granules. My daugher and I are both have extensive food service experience. She is a waitress and I have been in all aspects. We let it go but I spent the evening fussing with the glasses.

              1. re: phelana

                The time we went there they first wanted to seat us in a room that had that yucky cigar smell......I am very allergic and asked not to sit there right away. They obliged immediately, but it *is* very weird. Food is fine....not AMAZING by any stretch, but solid for Worcester.

                1. re: Science Chick

                  Thanks for your comment Chick..as an aside Mom had lunch at Ceres at the Beechwood and was not impressed. Cold burger nothing amazing...

                  1. re: phelana

                    Yeah, lunch is Worcester is challenging. I like Baba sushi, but not much else!