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Feb 7, 2011 02:49 PM

Looking for nice downtown LA restaurant.... close-ish to the Ahmanson

Any ideas? I'm from NYC. Something along the lines of Pastis or Cafe Luxembourg or the Standard Grill - a la nice but not fancy or stuffy. Not too noisy. Yummy food. Thanks. Any tips appreciated.

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  1. Here is a list of places the Ahmanson recommends (take ti with a grain of salt) but do look at the places with free shuttle service. You valet at the restaurant, have dinner, take a shuttle to the theater, then shuttle back.

    1. You might check out Rivera and see what you think.

      Rivera Restaurant
      1050 S. Flower Street, #102, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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      1. re: Servorg

        The recommended list posted by ocshooter is very heavy on Patina Group and hotel restaurants so yes a big grain of salt!

        If you'd rather not count on the shuttle I think I would go with Noe at the Omni.

      2. lazy ox. a bit of a walk but it can be done. casa is walking distance. while it's not going to win any awards away from rivera, it's good for what it is.

        1. First and Hope is right around the corner from there...but gets mixed reviews here.

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            First and Hope looks great, sounds great, servers are lovely and efficient, it's in a perfect location. Food was downright bad. And expensive. The specials they pushed (deviled lobster tail that was utterly dry and overwhelmed with spice, Fried Green Tomato Napoleon, mushy and tasteless, the much heralded man n cheese --meh) were the worst things on the menu. The only decent dish was the rib eye. The donuts and shake dessert were OK too.

          2. Drago Centro is really good Italian and they have a shuttle to the music center

            Drago Centro
            525 S. Flower St., Suite 120, Los Angeles, CA 90071