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McCann's Steel Cut Oats in Boston....

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Does anyone know a place in Boston where it is possible to buy this tin of steel-cut oats?

I am overseas and have a family member going to Boston in a few weeks. Stupid I know but I would like the canister....

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  1. I buy them at Trader Joe's.

    Trader Joe's
    1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

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    1. Many of the major supermarkets stock it, though sometimes irregularly. A good place to look would be the Irish and British foods section of Shaw's in Porter Square, very easily accessible from the Porter subway stop on the Red Line. I know they sometimes have it in the Somerville branch of Market Basket, too -- not far from Porter Square (closer to Union Square) and can be reached from Porter by bus.

      1. Believe it or not, Stop & Shop carries it! That's one of the major super market chains in this area. Very easy to find.

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          I've bought McCann's steel cut oatmeal canister at the Beacon St. Som'l Stop & Shop.

        2. Stop and Shop.

          But they are sort of random about where they shelve it.

          I've found it with the "regular" oatmeal and I've found it in their Irish foods section.

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          1. Saw the canister yesterday at the Whole Foods on Cambridge st. in the West End.

            1. Shaws carries it too.

              The trick is finding it in the correct aisle. It's not in the hot/cold cereal aisle. It's in the specialty/world/ethnic/health section, and often not under "Irish"

              1. Trader Joe's always has them, and usually quite cheap: $4.99

                Trader Joe's
                1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

                  1. Every Shaw's and Stop and Shop in Boston carries it these days.


                    1. Im at wilson faems looking right at them

                      1. It can even be occasionally found at Ocean State for a great price.