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Feb 7, 2011 01:59 PM

Any suggestions for the West Island?

Good evening!

I have lived in the West Island for the past 25 years and am always looking for new restaurants to try. I love hole in the walls ... so much fun!

I was hoping people could suggest some restaurants in or around the West Island for me to try out.


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  1. I'd recommend Tandoor et Grille, an Indian BYOW on Sources (I understand they have recently moved so pls call them to confirm their address). On a recent visit with my family (who are of Indian origin) we found every dish we tried to be flavourful and made with fresh ingredients.

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      1. re: nochainsplease

        They have moved, but to a stone's throw of their former location. What's more is that they are advertising an $8.99 all you can eat buffet at their new location.

      2. I recently tried Chef Akbar on Pierrefonds Blvd. It was very good and you can tell the food was prepared with a lot of love. It was less greasy than most Indian restaurants and I was told they use canola oil. It was more expensive than your average indian joint but I feel it was fair given the cleanliness of the place and the good quality ingredients used.

        1. Haggisboy had mentioned Le Poulet à la Campagnard on St-Charles, corner Gouin a while back. I've been meaning to go at some point but haven't found the time as of yet.

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          1. re: wattacetti

            As we all know, not too much going on out here in the WI.

            Best bet for hole in the wall is "Spicy Island" for roti, a couple of very good shish taouk places that use charcoal and make a very good pita sandwich and Bombay Choupati for Indian.

            Try these previous posts about WI.


            1. re: ios94

              I checked out a lot of WI threads and I don't think I've seen "La Porte Grecque" on des Sources. Great sit-down Greek food - not a souvlaki-pita fast food joint. Bring your night-vision goggles; it's pretty dark in there. Reasonable prices, good portion sizes, and IIRC, it's BYOW as well.

              1. re: Troy Mercury

                Really? I went to La Porte Grecque a couple of years ago and I wouldn't return. Food was over salted to the point of being inedible, and quality wasn't that great. Maybe it has changed since the last time I was there?

                1. re: chefjeannine

                  Ditto, chefjeannine. I went about 5 years ago and I thought it was an insult to greek food. It was even worse than the Prince Arthur joints since they maintain some cleanliness. Also, they put a curdled lemony sauce over everything: potatoes, rice and even the fried zucchini and eggplant appetizer!!

                  1. re: hungryann

                    Yes exactly! And I determined that they put parmesan cheese over everything only after I had an allergic reaction (the only chese im allergic to is parmesan). Correct me if i'm wrong, but do they usually use parmesan on everything in Greece?

                  2. re: chefjeannine

                    I stopped going a few years ago for just the same reason - I hate salty food (except for Baccalà). This past summer, I was invited for a group supper at La Cave and was pleasantly surprised; the food was not over-seasoned. I don't know if this was an exception or not, and have not yet been back since. I'm curious to see if anyone here's been there in the past 6 months or so.

                    1. re: Troy Mercury

                      La Cave or La Porte? Small differences can often be big deals.

                      1. re: Haggisboy

                        Good catch - I meant La Porte on des Sources. I don't know why I typed La Cave; I've never even been there.

                    2. re: chefjeannine

                      I was invited there recently for dinner (my first time) and I didn't think it was very good either. Their greek salad was entirely tasteless and had white onions in it? I never saw that in Greece. They always used red onions.

                2. I lived out there for 4 years and honestly I would drive into the city every day to eat. The options aren't great. Maiko for top dollar sushi is one. Del fresco was ok at times. Nina's on St Charles was ok too until she upped her prices. I hear Bombay choupati is a really good option for Indian. Overall though not great, and one of the main reasons I got out of there. I recommend you start cooking!;)

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                  1. re: jay_81k

                    I second Bombay Choupati - it's a gem.

                  2. A+ for fries + sausage at the sausage place is marche de l'ouest

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                    1. re: celfie

                      Forgot about that place. They were pretty good. Liked the buns and the curly fries.

                      1. re: jay_81k

                        Agree on the sausages.

                        The chicken across from the sausage place is also amazing. The generic half bun they give is meh, but the the sauce is awesome.

                        Has anyone tried the little deli sort of place run by the chinese guy?

                        1. re: Zalbar

                          The Chinese resturant in marche de l'ouest is really good

                          1. re: fredmir

                            Do you mean the one in the food court?
                            Odd place, that. At first glance it's just a regular mall resto, doling out the sweet and sour pork and chicken fried rice, but below the surface, the cook really knows his stuff.
                            I used to work around the corner, and we'd go there every Friday. A Chinese colleague introduced me to the "hidden" Chinese menu, and I learned to call ahead of time for their amazing signature soup.
                            But the real surprise is something listed on their main menu as Beef with Rice Stick Noodles, which is in fact, as far as I know, Montreal's only real version of char kway teow, and is sensational. Also much too big for one mortal human to eat.

                            1. re: bomobob

                              That the place .

                              I got to know the couple and there 2 children quiet well
                              The Husband was a cook in Hong Kong and love`s to cook
                              The soups are amazing

                              1. re: bomobob

                                That Chinese restaurant has been there a very long time? Their cha kway teow, had very nice wok hei?

                                1. re: BLM

                                  There's good char kway teow in Montreal? I have to have some.... can anyone tell me more about this place?

                                  1. re: unlaced

                                    All the dishes are very good.The only dish I don`t like is, the General Tao
                                    Everything is home made from Stratch

                                    1. re: fredmir

                                      Does anyone know what it is called?
                                      I found this list of places at Marche de l'Ouest
                                      is it Szechuan Supreme?
                                      I would like to call to check their opening times

                                      Szechuan Supreme
                                      11710 Boul De Salaberry, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC H9B2R8, CA

                                      1. re: unlaced

                                        Szechuan Supreme

                                        I think they open around 11 am???
                                        They do alot of take out as well

                                        Szechuan Supreme
                                        11710 Boul De Salaberry, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC H9B2R8, CA

                                2. re: bomobob

                                  OMG, you made my day! Char Kway Teow in Mtl!!!!!

                                  1. re: bomobob

                                    What was the name of their signature soup that's not on the menu?

                                    1. re: Haggisboy

                                      Ask for their "Satay Soup" - tell her "spicy". It's not on the big menu board, but it is advertised on a yellow 8.5x11 sheet behind the cash. Since you're a fellow chili-head and like to spice it up, DON'T ruin it with the traditional hot-sauce-in-a-ketchup-packet; just drizzle on some of their chili-oil (in the red ketchup squeezer).

                                    2. re: bomobob

                                      Been going there on Friday evenings about once a month for probably 10 years now, and think it's the best take-out Chinese in the WI (by far). I've never actually tried their Beef with Rice Stick Noodles as it looks too "generic" on the menu board, but hey, if someone gives it a thumbs-up, I'll give it a shot. Does they make it with or without eggs? I agree with the lumberjack portion sizes, but I don't know if that's special treatment because I've been going there so long, or if it's just their standard sizes.

                                      1. re: bomobob

                                        Went there today for lunch and was absolutely blown away by the quality and selection. As per the recommendation of those here, I asked for the char kway teow, which they told me was #16 on the extensive menu (and 16 was only part of the way along the number list). The portion was obscenely huge for one person, and I'm a big guy who can slam it back. Delicious beyond belief. Folks, you've gotta make the drive to this place to find out what you're missing. Definitely NOT your average food court joint, and on par with many good places downtown.

                                        1. re: Haggisboy

                                          Just tried the Char Kway Teow (#16). I agree with you guys, delicious and HUGE. I ordered what they call 'small' ($8.95 +tx). Just beware - they close at 6:00 pm on some nights. She was nice enough to cook for me even though I showed up just after 6:00.

                                          Next time: Satay Soup.