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Feb 7, 2011 01:32 PM

eBay "guides" on LC ECI colors & sizes

An eBay seller from whom I've done some business sent me the links to this info which was compiled by another eBay member.

Guide to LC colors (color codes, years, names, countries, etc)

Guide to LC sizes (diameter, volume, etc

I found this quite useful. Hope you do too.

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  1. I think that the author of the guides have done a really good job. I really like the size one. But there are some drawbacks:

    I really wish that the LC color guide would have some photos of the actual color not just a list of what we have to guess at. I believe the guide means for us to look at the box for a number, but unless its brand new it doesn't have a box. ie I have yellows made a before the 1992 citrus dating.

    I also wish the sizing guide would include the 50's and 60;s sizes. 22's from that period were about the same size as the "b' pots. They hold about two quarts. The 18's from that time hold about a quart. which is the same size as the 'a' pots.

    here is a link to another ebay size guide to the letter sizes:

    the guides *are* very useful, but would be much better with some photos of the colors.

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    1. re: sentaikat

      Yes, photos would be helpful... as long as they were *good* photos. E.g., I find Cobalt Blue looks more purple-y IRL than in the photos online.

      Also, as I recall, the color list doesn't include Harmonic Blue.

      However, it's still a huge help to me as the guides contain a lot more info that I have in my head!