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Feb 7, 2011 12:14 PM

Batali coming to Westport, CT (Abbondanza)

Just caught the post over at CTBites that Mario Batali has apparently signed a lease for Westport's old Abbondanza Restaurant/Specialty Food space.

No details yet, but this is certainly interesting and excting news. Westport's definitely become a hot town for restaurant growth in Fairfield County.

I'm curious though what this means for the long-rumored Batali/Bastianich place on the Post Road in Darien. It's hard to imagine that Batali would open restaurants in both Darien & Westport in 2011.

Here's the blog post on Batali's arrival:

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  1. I've heard the Darien spot is dead and someone else took the space already.

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    1. re: eatermom

      Zobot...have you been to the tarry lodge?

      1. re: suzyrose1

        Hey Suzy, yes, I have been to the Tarry Lodge a few times.

        I think the food is really good, and I'd go so far as to say that their Truffle, Egg, and Guanciale pizza is easily one of my most favorite pizzas anywhere.

        However, if I'm being critical, I do think their service is pretty poor and the prices, well, it's a Batali restaurant, so it's no bargain.

        Just my two cents though.

        1. re: Zobot

          Oh that pizza...we've been to Tarry Lodge only twice, and got that pizza both times. When I heard Batali might be coming to Westport, that's the first thing that popped into my head. That being said, I thought their pastas were waaay oversalted, but I'll give it another try if they open in our neck of the woods!

          1. re: sibeats

            have you had the pizza at match or b.j. ryans?

            1. re: suzyrose1

              Yes, I've had the pizza at Match, it is very good. I went to BJ Ryans once and thought it was rather bad overall, will not go back.

              1. re: sibeats

                bang bang shrimp. lettuce wraps. hot oil pizza...mmm

          2. re: Zobot

   guys are making excuses...poor service. salty...

            1. re: suzyrose1

              I'm not sure what you are referring to about making "excuses"...the pasta was very very salty...who are we making excuses for? Us or the restaurant? Please explain...

              1. re: sibeats

                you are making excuses for the restaurant

                1. re: suzyrose1

                  How am I making excuses for the restaurant? I am criticizing the restaurant. The guanciale pizza is great. The pasta was oversalted. I went twice and ordered the pizza. I have no reason to make excuses for the restaurant...

      2. this is exciting! i hope they expand the space..abbondanza was quite small

        1. it will be a good thing if they bring the nyc batali quality. But if it is the Tarry Lodge stuff, big yawn. Pizza was good at TL but the other stuff was not something I run back to.

          I will withhold any opinion until it opens and I have a chance to try.

            1. Maybe he will open up a salumi retail area.