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Feb 7, 2011 11:56 AM

immersion blender?

Probably the only thing that my kitchen does not have is an immersion blender - but I am also hardpressed to add anything else to clutter. When I make soups, I pour into blender. What would you NEED your immersion blender for and couldn't live/cook without?

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  1. There's no comparison to just immersing a blender into a pot vs. blending in batches. Many immersion sticks come with whipping and chopping attachments, so that's a bonus.
    It's convenience, when it comes down to it.

    1. An immersion blender is an easy to store appliance that can do many things. Never again will I have to dump hot liquid into a food processor or blender and then stand back when it overflows and burns me a bit. For that reason alone, I vote for an immersion blender.

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        I agree. The only qualm I have with the immersion blender comes in the form of our restaurant's, which has a non-detchable blade which makes for tough cleaning. Immersion blenders are life savers for soups and large quantities of really anything that needs to be blended down.

        1. re: travisvance

          In a home context it is easy to clean: just turn it on in some water and ...ta da!

      2. I didn't realize how much I use/"need" my immersion blender until mine died and I didn't replace it for about two months. I was never more happy when my new one arrived, but I also don't own a blender...never had a "need" for one of those! :P

        1. My immersion blender also has a whisk attachment and a mini-chopper, great for whipping up a protein shake or chopping a curry paste without getting a big bit of kit dirty.

          1. I wanted to add that you have more control over the texture when you can point and blend to get just the right chunkiness (or not).