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twix top discontinued candy

cfinlm Feb 7, 2011 11:53 AM

I am trying to find twix tops for a friend's birthday. It's her favorite candy but I think it has been discontinued, but i figured it was worth a shot posting. Are there any countries where the twix top (or it's counterpart) is currently being sold? Do you know of any places where I could purchase them if they are in deed discontinued?The product was originally in Europe if that helps.

Thank you so much for your time everyone!!

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    bestmomtofour Feb 7, 2011 12:56 PM

    Twix Top (1999 to 2005, UK). A single rectagular biscuit bar introduced in multi-packs for supermarkets. In 2005 this product was relaunched as bisc& Twix. It is no longer available in the UK but is still available in Europe. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twix

    I remember seeing similar bars in the granola bar section of my grocery store called Cookies& Twix. I don't know if they are still available, but worth a shot.

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    1. re: bestmomtofour
      cfinlm Feb 7, 2011 01:16 PM

      Thanks for the info! I saw the same about the bisc& Twix but haven't had any luck finding that either. I think I remember Cookies& twix from back in the day but I think they were a tad different.

    2. nsxtasy Feb 7, 2011 01:08 PM

      What's the difference between that and the regular Twix bar that's sold all over the United States?

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      1. re: nsxtasy
        cfinlm Feb 7, 2011 01:16 PM

        From what I've heard twix top has a greater amount of biscuit. As in this picturehttp://nsahmed.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/3657411.jpg?w=294&h=250

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