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Feb 7, 2011 10:47 AM

Valentine weekend @ Jekyll Island

Recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner - limited time for breakfast and lunch but dinner time/travel is open.


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  1. The JI Club has a terrific Sunday brunch, don't miss it. And I like the restaurant at dinner(altho you have to "dress up") and Courtyard by the Crane. Latitudes on the pier is good, as is the Rah Bar if you only want shrimp or oysters. Blackbeards is pretty bad- I'd definitely avoid it. There's a newish place called Driftwood Bistro that's owned by the same people as Latitudes. My parents seem to like it quite a bit, I've only eaten there once; it was good, not spectacular.
    2 places off the island; Zachary's used to be in the shopping center and they had to move. It's out by the highway now in a much bigger/cooler space. Good food there. Also, Skippers in Darien is one of my favorite places to go; all of their fried seafood is delicious. You can always go over to St. Simon but I tend to not want to drive over there once I'm on JI. We spend most of our eating out time around the Club and Latitudes/Rah Bar.

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      Courtyard at the Crane is a wonderful restaurant for Valentines or any romantic weekend. SeaJay's is on the Intra-coastal Waterway, and is more laid back. They have a nice deck if it isn't too cold. Latitude 31 on the wharf also fronts the Intra-coastal Waterway, with beautiful sunsets.

      I keep hearing bad things about Blackbeards. Wish someone would buy the place, strip out the out-dated decor, do it up with a tropical island theme or something bright and airy, and make it into a 4 or 5 star restaurant. Don't tolerate bad food or mediocre service! The location on the Atlantic is too good for what's there now.

      Oh, and change the name to something else.

      Latitude 31
      1 Pier Rd, Jekyll Island, GA 31527

      1. re: joejitzu

        The JIA owns Blackbeards. Rumor has it that the owner of Zachary's tried to buy it but they said no so he moved his place out to the highway. I personally think they were trying to save it until they signed a private/public partnership agreement with a developer. I agree, they should let someone take it over who knows how to run a nice place.