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Feb 7, 2011 10:38 AM

Favorite B-Grade Mexican in Austin

Not every Mexican food restaurant has the talent or inclination to make their tortillas from scratch.

Their food can still be pretty good though.

Lots of middling talent-level operations prefer to reach into a plastic bag and call it a day when it's time to begin cooking tortillas to feed their hungry patrons.

Places like Taco Mex, El Naranjo Mobile, La Condesa and I'm sure plenty others, put out some pretty good Mexican food.

You can't discount them merely because they don't have the ability to produce top flight,made from scratch tortillas like La Flor or El Taco Rico.

An added bonus in eating Grade B Mexican food is that it makes you really appreciate it when you finally get your hands on the cuisine of an actual, dedicated, Mexican food chef.

So let's hear some endorsement for the level 2 Mexican in Austin: The Torchy's, The Izzoz and the Pueblo Viejos out there are working fairly hard, putting out average food and this is the thread for their acolytes to give them the recognition they deserve.

Taco Mex
2611 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

La Condesa
400-A W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

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  1. My favorite B-grade right now is Mi Casa on Research and Ohlen Mill. Weekday lunch prices can't be beat, food (for the price) is always good, and service is friendly and fast. I'm going to miss not being right next door.

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    1. re: amysuehere

      I had heard good things about Mi Casa, so I ate there today and it was OK but nothing special. I used "nab the deal" coupon and got the combo #2 (cheese enchilada, crispy taco, and guacamole). The best thing about the meal was the grated cheese on the taco and the $5.27 price after the coupon. I may go back for the lunch specials but Mi Casa will not be my first choice.

      1. re: danny_w

        Again, he asked for "B grade", which I think Mi Casa fits the bill.

    2. a fast cheap and decent meal can always be had at taco cabana. I believe the tortillas are fresh and they have the best processed tres leches I've ever had (scoop out the top half of the cake and the whip cream and enjoy the cake saturated with condensed milk).

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      1. re: chrisdds98

        I think Taco Cabana is better than a lot of celebrated mom n pop restaurants around town.

        It'd been a coon's age since I'd been in one til a few weeks ago and I thought the carne guisada was top notch plus they served it on a homemade tortilla.

        Another B-grade that's good is Taqueria Arandas [multiple locations]

        2129 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

      2. To me, this is La Reyna, Tamale House, Enchiladas Y Mas. All heavily discussed here already.

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        1. re: tom in austin

          I will heartily second Enchiladas Y Mas. Their old fashioned cheese enchiladas (with onions) can't be beat!

          1. re: danny_w

            The fajitas at enchiladas y mas are a revelation. They are somehow even more delicious after a night in the fridge. Sublime in fact.

            1. re: NWLarry

              I have a coworker that thinks their fajitas are the best! I have never tried them myself, the cheese enchiladas always win out for me. I have also tried their migas and they are very good too.

              1. re: NWLarry

                It amazes me that people rave about this place. It has some of the worst food, and particularly worst enchiladas I've ever had. Gristly and chewy pieces of meat in the sauce, a minimal amount of cheese in the enchilada, overly chili powdered sauce, and flavorless beans. I'm not criticizing, to each his own, I just find it interesting.

                1. re: TheBadWolf

                  "a minimal amount of cheese in the enchilada"

                  Surely you can't be talking about the same place. There is an artery clogging amount of cheese.

                  1. re: Madcap

                    Exactly what I was thinking. Madcap must be thinking of someplace else entirely.

                    1. re: Madcap

                      One and the same. My wife, prior to us meeting, has a similar story about EyM. I have similar enchilada complaints about Maudie's, El Mercado, and that horrible "Jorge Arredondo's" restaurant that was on 26th and I-35. I remember cutting through the enchilada with my fork only to be quickly greeted with the other side of the tortilla followed by plate. The "iffy" meat the used in their sauce was similar at each of these places too.

                      The only places in Austin that get it right (for me) are Amaya's, Vivo, Casa Chapala, Dart Bowl, and homemade.

                      2015 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

                      Casa Chapala
                      3010 W Anderson Ln Ste D, Austin, TX 78757

                      El Mercado
                      1302 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

                      1. re: TheBadWolf

                        Vivo makes good cheese enchiladas? I may have to give them a shot. I always go for the puffy tacos, which are ok, but not great. I guess that's B-grade...

                        Jorge's is my favorite B-grade Mexican joint. Kinda classic greasy Tex-Mex...nothing that will blow your mind, but falling into that comfort food niche.

                        1. re: TheBadWolf

                          I agree totally about El Mercado, but I don't know how anyone could ever say that the cheese enchiladas at Enchiladas Y Mas have anything even close to "a minimal amount of cheese". They are stuffed full to overflowing and with a mound of cheese on top!

                          El Mercado
                          1302 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

                          1. re: danny_w

                            There is no shortage of cheese *on* the enchiladas (pix of cheese enchilada plate here:, but I agree with badwolf's assessment--the cheese enchilada plate at EyM is just not very good in my opinion. Too sloppy, too much glop, not enough flavor.

              2. I have to chime in for Angie's beef rib special (i think wednessday??) and puffy carnitas tacos - and their con carne chili enchiladas are simply old school delicious.

                another is mi madres, while the reviews of the proprietor's zandunga are equivocal, mi madres might be vastly underrated if for no other reason the migas taco, arguably the best and perhaps biggest, in town (especially if one adds the essential avocado)

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                1. re: slowcoooked

                  I agree w/ you on Angie's, and I think lots of their items are B-Grade, but that I'd put their carnitas tacos solidy on A-Grade territory. On a good day, the carnitas tacos and iced lemonade are one of the top lunches in Austin. Preferred over most the Tex-Mex choices that are breathlessly raved about on this board!

                2. I just went to Texican Cafe, good value for the food (half-price carne guisada enchiladas on Tues, 12.99 fajitas for two on Wed) - if you like things drenched in cheese (which I do). Lots of television sets everywhere inside, very post-modern.

                  Texican Cafe
                  4141 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78704