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Dec 13, 2005 05:59 PM

Taqueria Sanchez

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I read in the LA Weekly that Taqueria Sanchez is a favorite of Jonathan Golds'. I just moved to that neighborhood and was wondering what people order there and if there are any other hidden gems in the 'hood that you can recommend. I know about Sakura as well.

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  1. Here's a review of the restaurant on Centinella and the Taco Stand/Market on Inglewood. BF and I perfer the taco stand, and take to go. I enjoyed my Torta there, although the Canitas are not shredded. Also, BF really likes their shrimp tacos (Which are grilled).

    I also really like the market, they keep it pretty nice and got a good selection of stuff... In fact, I have to remember to ask BF to pick up a 1lb of Queso Anejo there for the Enchiladas I'm making this week... Hmmmm... ;)


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      Pssst Dommy. Would love to see your enchilada recipe on the cooking board!

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        Here you go! :) Hope you enjoy it! :)


    2. Taqueria Sanchez is good, but extremely heavy, even for Mexican food. I like the wet burritos with chicken.

      Also in that neighborhood is Angel Maid Bakery which has tasty baked goods and cream puffs that were here long before Beard Papas.


      1. I go there on Sundays for their huevos con chorizo. It's huge, big enough for two and the best I've had westside.


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          wow i'm a dog

          oh my god. my better half loves this place. he gets the carnitas. also, paco's tacos is in that neck of the woods. an old fave. and again with the carnitas. do you sense a pattern?

          paco's tacos
          4141 south centinela avenue
          los angeles 90066-4908
          310 391 9616


          1. i'm in the minority when it comes to Taqueria sanchez. I like their burritos with carnitas and carne asada but their tacos just dont cut it.

            the carne asada is interesting because it's baked but in taco form it's just too dry. Same with the carnitas.