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Taqueria Sanchez

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I read in the LA Weekly that Taqueria Sanchez is a favorite of Jonathan Golds'. I just moved to that neighborhood and was wondering what people order there and if there are any other hidden gems in the 'hood that you can recommend. I know about Sakura as well.

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  1. Here's a review of the restaurant on Centinella and the Taco Stand/Market on Inglewood. BF and I perfer the taco stand, and take to go. I enjoyed my Torta there, although the Canitas are not shredded. Also, BF really likes their shrimp tacos (Which are grilled).

    I also really like the market, they keep it pretty nice and got a good selection of stuff... In fact, I have to remember to ask BF to pick up a 1lb of Queso Anejo there for the Enchiladas I'm making this week... Hmmmm... ;)


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      Pssst Dommy. Would love to see your enchilada recipe on the cooking board!

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        Here you go! :) Hope you enjoy it! :)



    2. Taqueria Sanchez is good, but extremely heavy, even for Mexican food. I like the wet burritos with chicken.

      Also in that neighborhood is Angel Maid Bakery which has tasty baked goods and cream puffs that were here long before Beard Papas.

      Link: http://la.foodblogging.com/2005/11/17...

      1. I go there on Sundays for their huevos con chorizo. It's huge, big enough for two and the best I've had westside.


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          wow i'm a dog

          oh my god. my better half loves this place. he gets the carnitas. also, paco's tacos is in that neck of the woods. an old fave. and again with the carnitas. do you sense a pattern?

          paco's tacos
          4141 south centinela avenue
          los angeles 90066-4908
          310 391 9616

          Link: http://www.pacoscantina.com/

          1. i'm in the minority when it comes to Taqueria sanchez. I like their burritos with carnitas and carne asada but their tacos just dont cut it.

            the carne asada is interesting because it's baked but in taco form it's just too dry. Same with the carnitas.

            Link: http://www.tacohunt.blogspot.com

            1. If you walk around, you'll notice it's not much of a "hood" but a real community from Centinela west to the Marina.

              Asaya Japanese Restaurant is very good - on Culver Blvd., West of Centinela. The Happy Taco - next to the Happy Corner Liquor Store, across from the Police station is good, Submariner is very good and of course, Sakura. For good diner like food, Ronnie's, across from Asaya is good, too!

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                As long as your are taking about that area, you should also include Rutts Hawaiian around the corner from Sakura and Sanchez. Their Royal bowls rule (get them fried and be sure to use the Teriyaki sauce) and are an awesome hang-over cure. Also, I recommend their passion fruit slush and the Hawaiian bread french toast. (The french toast is a great share dish to offset the Royals.)

              2. Tacqueria Estilo on Washington Bl & Centinela has is merits - mostly in the carnitas dept.

                I second "Happy Taco" aka Pepe's Taco on the corner of Culver and Centinela - again, the carnitas are good, so are the crunchy beef tacos and the sopes - run by nice people too.

                Outdoor Grill next to the Handy J Car Wash on Washington Bl/Washington Place intersection is reliable for tasty bbq chicken and tri-tip. Their pork ribs are also pretty decent.

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                1. Happy Taco has been long gone - and I miss it too, as they had Al Pastor from the spit and a great salsa bar that was similar to La Super Rica in Santa Barbara. I tried Pepe's Taco, but it didn't come close to Happy Taco...

                  As For Sanchez, all I can say is that after many many tries, it is not at the top of my list, primarily becuase the food is just so damn salty, and that includes all the salsa and the free guac at the salsa bar. About the only thing I can stomach there anymore are the shrimp tacos. I will say that if they cut back on the salt in the meats and salsa, I'd be a regular...


                  1. The restaurant on Centinela has some surprisingly good shrimp dishes that are listed on the board above and slightly to the left of the order window. I agree with Moose that it can be salty - once a week max for me, but man, it's all really good. I like the pastor in the burrito or in just about any other platform or wrap. Our kids love the taquitos con papas(potatoes) or with chicken. The lomos (loin) was too oily for me.

                    The original stand on Inglewood is almost always crowded and parking can be very difficult, but worth it, and the carneceria sells alot of nice meats - you can order the carne asada and bring it home to prepare yourself - if you plan on getting alot, order ahead.

                    Another great mexican food place is Tacomiendo just up the block and across the street from Tacqueria Sanchez on Inglewood. Alot of menu items that are quite different from Sanchez and they make fresh corn tortillas for the tacos. The Pollo con Mole is huge and delicious.

                    A friend of mine who is of Mexican descent (2nd generation) likes Mi Ranchito on Washington, across from Rutts, and a small carneceria (can't remember the name) on the west side of Sawtelle, just north of Washington Place - sez it's just like how his mom makes it.

                    Alot of bakeries have come into this neighborhood over the past couple of years. Hot Bakes on Centinela just south of Washington has alot of good items - the cupcakes are quite tasty. Hans Rockenwagner opened a small bakery on Washington (on the north side of the street, one (?) block east of Beethoven) that has some pretty good items - try the twist that is made with pretzel dough and has bacon and cheese twisted in with the dough. Mossimo's is at Washington and Redwood - enter through the back of the building for now. Great cookies, cakes and pastries. Also wonderful gelato in flavors that are killer. Mossimo is from Rome - he knows his gelato.

                    If you like pizza, go into Venice and try Abbot's Pizza on Abbot Kinney, just south of California Avenue. They have some great pizzas and most, if not all are usually available by the slice, depending on the time of the day. My favorite is the wild mushroom pizza. Their Salad on a Pizza is a meal in itself.

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                      Yeah, your friend is waxing poetic about Don Felix. They include 'yellow' cheese on their meals, which to me, even though I'm second generation as well, is a total turn off...

                      Another mexican place in the area that we like however is El Mason del Taco, a Oxacacan place on Venice and Centinella. Excellent Mamelas! :)

                      Other than that, your list is great!! We recently moved from the area (A block from Rockenwagners) and still go back often to explore... :)


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                        I know what you mean about yellow cheese... nevertheless he swears by this place because it's one of the few that actually offers a good tripas - he is nuts about tripas - will even go to to carnicerias and pick up, clean out, and prepare his own - that's how serious he is... also try the little hole in the wall on Venice blvd just east of Beethoven, next to Hurry Curry - good mexican food, and entertaining - if not kind of creepy pictures on the walls of Pancho Villa and Cisco - pre and post mortum - that you can view while waiting for your food.

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                          We went there too... (It was a block away the other way) They do wet burritos, not my favorite thing. But their taquitos were pretty decent... :)


                    2. i am a fan of the taqueria sanchez on centinela.
                      the items that i love there are:
                      shrimp tacos
                      shrimp toastada
                      mojarra fritta

                      1. The intersection of Washington Place and Sepulveda has Tito's, Johnnie's Pastrami, Cinco de Mayo and Metro Cafe.

                        All have pros and cons.

                        Inside Mitsawa on Centinela and Venice are a few Ramen shops.

                        The area is not lacking on places to enjoy a good meal.

                        1. I first heard about Taqueria Sanchez in this thread, and since I happen to live only a few miles up the street and have been craving good Mexican food, decided to check it out a couple weeks ago. In the meantime, I have been half a dozen times, and here's my analysis of the items I tried:
                          Carnitas Tacos: They were tasty, but very lean and dry - squeezing a lime on it and soaking them with their spicy salsa helped the dryness. Not amazing, but quite good.
                          Tacos Al Pastor: The reason I went there to begin with ... I used to love getting Al Pastor in San Diego, but it got increasingly difficult with the increasing number of "Alberto's", "Aliberto's", "Abierto's" or whatever that specialize in serving garbage. The ones at Sanchez I now tried several times, and mostly they were excellent. Occasionally, I got a tough piece of pork with a "woody" texture, but it was within acceptable boundaries. The little chunks of marinated pineapple (?) are exquisite both in terms of flavor and texture - that squirty spicy sweetness that explodes next to the hot porcine chunks.
                          Tacos de Asada: I have to admit that I hardly ever get Carne Asada, unless it's at a BBQ. My usual experience with it -- at least when it's in Tacos and Burritos -- is that it's chewy, usually tasteless, low-quality meat. I have had great Tampiquenas in TJ, at the old Guadalajara Grill, now La Cantina de los Restauros, but mostly Asada has been disappointing to me. Same with the Carne Asada Tacos at Sanchez - they weren't bad, but I will never order them again givwn the choice of other delicacies.
                          Tacos de Cabeza: Never tried Cabeza before, I don't think, but they were absolutely great. Don't exactly know what it was that I was eating, but I was gobbling the bovine's brains or whatever it was with slurpy gusto, while my girlfriend looked upon me in disgust and disbelief. I didn't care - I was like a Chupacabra in Heaven.

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                            Despite my last post on Sanchez, and while I still hold my position as to the salt factor, it still is pretty good for the westside. Avoid the asada - as Bandini said it is baked and quite dry, However, get the lomo, which is beef loin. This is what a steak taco should taste like - moist, with a bit of grease, and very tender and flavorful. This and the shrimp tacos are my faves.

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                              Man, revived this thread from the CH graveyard.

                              Recently tried both T Sanchez (on Centinela) and Don Felix (corner of Washington & Sawtelle). Clearly preferred DF and wife agreed. Carnitas and carne asada tacos were killer. Al pastor was just ok that day.