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Feb 7, 2011 10:10 AM

Where to find escargot?

Any grocery stores or gourmet shops that sell escargot? Preferable in 'burbs...

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  1. My usual seafood response: Ippolitos at 13th and Dickenson, may need to call a day (sometimes half a day) ahead. So not the burbs, but if you see the Samuels and Sons truck delivering to any store, they can get them for you too!

    1. Shocking though this may be, McMenamin's in Mt Airy has them on their menu and they were great the last time I had them there!

      1. I have purchased them in Wegman's and they are just fine!

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          Fresh Market sells them. Since they are almost certainly canned (or jarred) no matter where you buy them you might want to buy the can yourself and make a fresh garlic sauce. You can also buy the empty shells if presentation is important.

          1. re: danbee1

            One step worse than the Fresh Market you can go to Wegmans and they sell them with shell and sauce.. all you have to do is bake or (shudder) microwave them.

            1. re: cwdonald

              And I'm pretty sure Trader Joe sells them frozen. Never have had them though - I would think they might be squishy (technical culinary term).