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Feb 7, 2011 08:44 AM

Duck Confit Question

Lately, I've been using a lot of duck confit legs. I love the flavor of the meat and the versatility of it, but what I don't like is carving the meat off the leg. It's very tricky and somewhat difficult to find where the meat ends and begins. I know duck is a rather boney creature, but am I missing something? Is there a trick to carving the leg? Or is it just about doing the best you can given the meat to bone ratio?


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  1. When I have duck confit, it is falling off the bone--literally. There is no need to carve it, it just pulls off.

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    1. re: escondido123

      I've been getting my from a local specialty store. It's very cold, but I let it warm up a bit before carving.

      1. re: FoodChic

        Maybe you need to heat it up, which should cause the collagen jelly and fat to dissolve, thus releasing the meat from the bones and such. What are you using it for?

        1. re: escondido123

          That makes simple yet it totally escaped me. LOL! I'll give that a shot!

          I use it for salad, risotto, duck rolls, with gnocci and other pasta dishes.

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            Where do you live that duck confit is so available? And if you wouldn't mind, how much does it cost per leg? I am so jealous.

            1. re: escondido123

              I'm in the DFW area. I get a single leg for just under $10. Two of them will feed me and the DH for dinner, or I buy just a single for salads.

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              most of the paula wolfert recipes call for steaming the confit and then frying to crisp the skin. that would probably work for you.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Yeah, I'm having a real "duh" moment. I've always assumed the leg meat was more fragile than it may be in reality.

      2. I have never seen anyone "carve" a confit duck leg.
        The leg is almost always served either whole or just pulled off the bone.
        Are trying to actually get slices of confit? If so you should try confiting a Duck Breast Magret which is very large with a good amount of fat. After it is cooled you can make lovely slices of it.

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        1. re: chefj

          No, not really perfect slices. I like them rough cut for the dishes I use it in.
          I prefer the flavor of the leg over that of the breast.

          1. re: FoodChic

            so you do not really carve them at all. That makes more sense to me. The breast suggestion was if you are actually trying to carve slices. Oh and confit Breast Magret is also very lovely preparation. Because it is a very large breast from an older duck it confits very well.