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Feb 7, 2011 08:26 AM

birthday cake decision: delessio, schubert's, or somewhere I don't know

I want to buy a birthday cake tomorrow for a friend's birthday and don't know where to go. I don't have a specific cake in mind I just want something very moist and tasty, without incredibly cloying icing. It shouldn't be too far from Pac Hghts, but I have a car and can travel a little. I shouldn't have to order it more than a day in advance. Children and adults should rejoice over this cake. And I don't like Citizen Cake's cupcakes very much, and am suspicious of their cakes. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Delessio and Schubert's are both great choices. Delessio on Market has more cakes than the one near the DMV.

    Thorough Bread on Church also has gorgeous, delicious pastries at reasonable prices.

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      I second Windy's Thorough Bread recommendation. Got a chocolate cake there for a baby shower recently, and it was delicious and so much cheaper than Tartine.

      I've bought the tres leches cake at Delessio for a birthday before, and it was very, very sweet. It's got a meringue marshmallowy icing which really sends it off the sugar charts.

    2. I too think Delessio is very sweet. I like Cafe Madeline in FIDI, they have a nice lemon cake.

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        Thanks for the help but I will have to save this info for later--the birthday girl bought cake fixings today and is going to make her own. Now what am I going to get her?

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            I would consider a scoop of Humphry Slocumbe worthy to accompany my homemade birthday cake. Vanilla goes with everything--so does prosciutto :-)