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Feb 7, 2011 08:11 AM

Menu for a brunch fingerfood party?

Looking for input about quantities (and options) for a vegetarian brunch fingerfood party. It'll be held at around 1pm or 2pm, so the idea isn't that it's a full meal necessarily, but good food that'll fill people up sufficiently! It's for a baby shower.

How much of each? Any other suggestions or anything that doesn't sound like a good idea? It needs to be stuff that can be eaten without a table primarily. We'll have a couple of tables maybe but mostly fingerfoods.

For around 30-40 people, plus about 10 kids under the age of 10.

-deviled eggs OR mini quiches?
-bagels/cream cheese
-fruit platter
-pizza (cut into 'finger sized portions' - this isn't very brunch-like, I know, but a friend owns a pizza shop and offered to provide some pizza gratis!)
-cut up vegetable platter w/ dip
-mini latkes

(and there'll be cupcakes)

(with coffee, tea, mimosas and non-alcoholic punch)

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  1. Seems a bit bread-heavy. I would maybe do crustless quiches, cut into squares.

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    1. re: LeoLioness

      Is there something you think would be better than the latkes maybe since theyll be a bit heavy?

      The quiches we're ordering from a restaurant, so I think they're going to have have crusts...

    2. What kind of dip with the vegetables? Like Leo said, this is all very bread heavy and for those who are health-conscious, consider baba ghanouj or hummus for a dip instead of something more caloric and sour cream-based.

      You might also consider a pure meat platter of sausages or sliced salamis or a cheese platter or smoked salmon with the bagels. Right now, your only protein is eggs.

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      1. re: CarrieWas218

        It'll be all vegetarian.

        Yes, the dip will be something vegan since there will be one or two vegans in attendance as well.

      2. I have made fritatta in cupcake pans but may be too much like your quiches.

        1. I would also say a cheese tray and maybe even some roasted garlic bulbs as they are quick and easy. The roasted garlic is great on most things, however I usually serve it with goat cheese and rice crackers. Maybe cut out one of the muffins/pastries/croissants as that is very heavy on top of the bagels.

          1. Thanks for the feedback! This is really helpful.

            Does anyone have a sense of how much of everything we should plan for?

            Was thinking muffins OR pastries OR croissants - sorry if that wasn't clear. probably mini-croissants.

            Latkes OR maybe some other kind of potato thing? The plan is finger foods, so that's why we were thinking latkes.

            Something else? Some kind of salad? Any other suggestions?