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Feb 7, 2011 07:22 AM

Another PHO discovery: PHO VIET on amherst

1663, Rue Amherst
Montreal, QC H2L 3L4, Canada
(514) 522-4116

Friend of ours who came back from Vietnam took us there.
The menu is limited but the food was verry good. Their broth is excellent and with a twist of a flavor that I haven't tasted anywhere else. We all had a "soupe tonkinoise", spring rolls and for desert banana and deep-fried pineapple that was also very good.. The owners are very nice and sweet. She told us that they have been there for the past 20 years. Place was packed when we went on Saturday. Totally recommend the soup there.

I'm surprised that no one mentioned them before on chowhound.

Restaurant Pho Viet
1663 Rue Amherst, Montreal, QC H2L3L4, CA

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  1. SARAH MUSGRAVE had a very positive review of this resto in the Gazoo in 2002. I have a copy but I think copyright precludes me from repeating it here. Can't pull it up today from the Gazoo resto archives.

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    1. I saw it featured on GR Voir and it looked tempting (but then most everything looks good) but I never got around to it.

      1. The original comment has been removed