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Cookbooks for sale at Newbury College Library in Brookline

I thought that some hounds might want to know about this...

I was at Newbury College (near Cleveland Circle) last week and the library is currently selling a bunch of duplicate copies of cookbooks - I'd guess there are about 1000 books on sale, all for $3 to $5.

So, if you're into used cookbooks, this is definitely worth checking out. I think they have all of these books because of a large donation - so they're keeping 1 copy of each book and then selling the rest?

Anyway, there are some very well-known books and lots of more obscure ones too. I think it's only going on for another week or so.

Dave MP

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  1. Thanks Dave, I might check this out.

      1. Wow, I am definitely interested in this. I assume they are selling the cookbooks during normal operating hours? (I believe they are open until 9:00 PM or so?)

        1. Thanks for posting. I went twice the last two days and bought way too many cookbooks. Excellent selection and really organized (all books are organized by topic). I bought 11 cookbooks the last two days.

          A widower donated his wife's collection to the library. Newbury compared her collection to their own, added and replaced things from her collection. The rest is being sold to the public, some of which are the library's older copies. Books are $5 if in good condition, $3 if it isn't.

          I'm trying to restrain myself from going tomorrow since 1) Newbury College is nowhere near where I go, live, shop, etc and 2) I have no more space for anymore cookbooks.

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            I'm definitely heading there tonight.

          2. Thank you Dave!!! I went today and picked up 8 great books!!!!

            1. Wish I had time to stop by. I love outdated cookbooks.

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                There are a bunch of older cookbooks, but I wouldn't say that there were outdated. More like classics.

                1. re: beetlebug

                  That's great too. I pretty much keep my cookbook shelf narrowed down to classics (of all genres), omnibuses (omnibi?), and period pieces. Or at least that's what I have to assume I was thinking when I look at what's on the shelf... e.g., Essentials of French Cooking vol 1., the 1980s-era Joy, Ruth Reichl's hippie cookbook from the early '70s.

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                    You will be thrilled with the collection. There was a ton of Elizabeth David, Jean Anderson, Paula Wolfert, Craig Claiborne, Pierre Franey, Maida Haetter, Julia Child's friend, Simca and more. Plus, entertaining, holiday and any section that you can think of. Not much of an Asian section or any other ethnic cuisine. Less of a southern section as well. They also had those reference compendiums like Time/Life, Escoffier, Fannie Farmer, Better Homes and Gardens and something else I'm blanking on.

              2. Man, that was fun. We went late in the evening (just before they were closing) and were the only ones there. Some great books there, but we decided to stop at 4, including a book on Syrian cooking and another on hot chocolate. :-)

                1. When is it over? When they run out?

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                  1. re: C. Hamster

                    It's going to run for the near foreseeable future. There were 4 book cases across with about 5 shelves. Each shelf was at least 2/3 way full (this was my observation from yesterday am).

                    1. re: beetlebug

                      The guy I talked to there said maybe 2 more weeks.

                      1. re: beetlebug

                        Through the rest of the month and they are closed on Saturdays.

                    2. I was there today and picked up 3 hardcover books. For years, my paperback version of Marcella Hazan's, "Essentials of Italian Cooking" has been falling apart and I was able to snag a hardcover version. Also got "The Making of a Cook" by Madelaine Kamman...for those of you old enough to remember, she ran one of the most celebrated cooking schools and restaurants in the US in Newton Center until moving back to France. Also picked up a hardcover version of a book written by the owners of Al Forno in Providence.

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                      1. re: bakerboyz

                        Re: Al Forno... I still use the grilled pizza, sausage with grapes and balsamic (references the Smokehouse in "The Bury") and Mike Lapizza's(sp) polenta which are all classics in my house.

                        1. re: bakerboyz

                          "On Top of Spaghetti"? I use that cookbook all the time, perhaps more than any other. Terrific recipes...

                          1. re: bakerboyz

                            My copy of "The Making of a Cook" is held together with rubber bands. I bought it as required for the cooking school program with her.

                            1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                              You actually went to her school in Newton? I'm impressed? Did you go on to bigger and better things cooking professionally?. I took a 9 month professional chef's training program by someone who was also taught by her. Madelaine was a "celebrity chef" before there was such a thing as celebrity chefs.

                          2. Wow, just came back to this thread today. Glad to see some other hounds took advantage of this!