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Feb 7, 2011 06:44 AM

Sick of chocolates. What else to send for Valentine's? [moved from Boston board]

Looking for something different, maybe not traditional or sweet. Any ideas for the Boston area?

[NOTE: although this post asked for Boston-area suggestions, the majority of advice that has been posted has been advice that would help people with the same question in any area, which is why we've moved it here. -- THE CHOWHOUND TEAM ]

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  1. Truffles? Saffron? Oysters?

      1. All good.
        How about caviar? Little Pearl is based in Somerville, might be able to go there, or on line they have packages:

        1. A fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements perhaps. I've never found the fruit quality to be particularly high, but it's not bad and it's usually a well received gift. They have a bunch of Boston-area locations.

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            Their chocolate-covered strawberries are delicious. Okay, so it's chocolate...but it's a bit of a twist on the traditional chocolate gift.

          2. Bacon. But really nice bacon.

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              Marge: Oh, Homer, remember you promised you'd try to limit pork to six servings a week?
              Homer: Marge, I'm only human!

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                Homer to Bart: "Butter up that bacon, boy!"