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Feb 7, 2011 03:58 AM

Rosey's BBQ coming to Ambler!

I was walking through town yesterday and saw a big sign on an open store front on Main Street that Rosey's BBQ is coming soon. Yeah! First we got a bakery on main Street (Sweet Bytes), next we are getting a Brew Pub (Forest & Main), and now a BBQ joint, its like a dream come true! I am assuming its the same Rosey's as the one in jenkintown, I wonder if they are expanding.

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  1. It is the same folks. On their location web page it says coming soon to Ambler. I am not that in love with the bbq.. the stuff served in the trucks up in Lansdale is better IMNSHO.. but its great to see the Ambler renaissance continue!

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      I agree that their BBQ is good, but not great (Fat Frank's still my fave around here). But since it is in walking distance from my house, I'm sure I will be there all the time! I am just so happy to see some good things happening on that block, it was a little desolate for a while.

    2. Hey guys, this is Chad, owner of Rosey's. Yes, we're coming to Ambler(which is also where I live). Same pit master Jarvis from Memphis, a bit of a scaled down menu. We're shooting for April 1st, but that will depend on health approvals, zoning, etc.. We'll be opening from the start as take-out, with a few bar tops to eat at if desired. Then a few months down the road, furnish the second side(11 Main St.), and open a BYO, sit-down joint with Blues on the weekends, as we do in J-town. Look forward to seeing everyone in Ambler!

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          Well it should be interesting to see Rosey's vs. Wooley's!

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            That sounds fabulous, can't wait for the live blues!!!!

          2. This is great news, thanks for posting it, Amblergirl! It really is great to see all these new places coming in to Ambler, and so nice to be so close! :)

            Do you know the name of the brew pub that's going in?

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              The name of the brew pub is going to e Forrest and Main. The folks behind it are people who trained at the wonderful Mackenzie brew house, and their concept is going to English Style Ales. For more information take a look at this great report from the Beer Lass.


            2. This is awesome, I am so excited, for the food and the BLUES!!!!

              1. I'm hoping things are proceeding well with Rosey's I'm so looking forward to this place opening. :)