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Feb 7, 2011 03:44 AM

Kitchen Supply Stores in Madrid?

I recently moved to Madrid and am working on stocking my personal kitchen. I've been looking for decent quality stainless cookware. Everything I've found has been teflon coated.

Does anyone know of a reasonably priced kitchen/restaurant supply store within walking distance of a metro stop in Madrid?

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  1. Head to Alambique at Plaza de la Encarnacion corner with Calle La Bola, nearest Metro: Opera.

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      John Doe; that is a fabulous shop, but isn't what I would call reasonably priced!

    2. Also, Roalu at Calle San Vicente Ferrer 12, Malasaña. Nearest Metro: Tribunal.

      1. Look in ferreterías (hardware stores), that's where people buy basic kitchen supplies here--you can find stainless steel stuff along the lines of revere ware, along with cazuelas, paella pans, chatos, cañas, etc. If you are looking for something nicer, I recommend Vinçon at Castelló, 18. Also, of course, El Corte Inglés (Callao has a good kitchen section)--though crazily overpriced, unless you catch a sale. Alambique is another one, but I don't think it's great for the kind of pots you're looking for.

        There are also restaurant supply places... I go to a little one on calle Humilladero (not sure of the address, but the street is only a few blocks long and it's on the west side, near the veterinarian, perfumería, and liquor store--open normal hours, I think: 10-2 and 5-8).