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Feb 6, 2011 08:06 PM

Tokyo report - Aronia de Takazawa, Sushi Dai, Seryna, Tsunahachi Rin

Hi everyone. Here's a few words from last week's visit.

Aronia de Takazawa - One of the meals of my life. Each dish seemed to be the outcome of creative thought, ingenious design and precise execution. Akiko-san's service was warm, welcoming and professional. Takazawa's food was flawless. I loved every single dish (we had 9 - easily enough). Everything was perfectly prepared and seasoned. While some chefs incorporate gimmicky techniques as an end in themselves, Takazawa-san's innovations are in harmony with the dish. I can understand why he does not really go in for ratings. How can you possibly reduce this kind of experience to a rating? Just go.

Sushi Dai - A long wait in the cold and a pretty good meal. Friendly and capable chefs. Fish very fresh and tasty but at least on what I ate, not quite of consistent top quality. Rice of good consistency and texture. I would choose other places over this one but it is a great experience. Fun for new visitors to Tokyo but if the line is too big, the other nearby places are probably just as good.

Seryna (Ginza) - We chose this as a shabu-shabu place, expecting that it was priced slightly higher than some comparable places but would be good quality based on available reviews. It was. Good beef, very good sauce and the usual attentive Japanese service. Good for a business lunch.

Tsunahachi Rin (Shinjuku) - Places like this help me overcome my natural aversion to eating in shopping malls. Tempura can be very pricey and serious but it need not be. I recommend this for those who want quality without breaking the bank. Young, relatively informal staff. Pleasant room. Fresh ingredients. Delicate batter. Yum.

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  1. Does Tsunahachi Rin have English menus?

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          Sushi Dai, in the inner market, I did tried it years ago, but can`t remember it correctly... It was ok, but do not feel on same level as the great Ginza ones, and not even cheaper !!! I have been looking at many sushi places at Tsukiji outer market also...Even Sushi Sei is better in Tsukiji that Ginza ones or Shinjuku Isetan Kaikan ones, i would not recommend their omakase at 3,500.-yens, better to choose piece by piece (='okonomi' style). For omakase, you have the choice at Ginza, sushi lunchs, for exemple, you can have sushi Ichi (first price =3,000.-yens), sushi Taichi (first price on Sunday =5,000.-yens), sushi Ikkyu (first price =3,000.-yens), sushi Sasaki (first price =3,000.-yens).

          1. re: Ninisix

            Ninisix: Which sushi-ya at tsukiji would you recommend for a good and affordable lunch? I usually go to Sushi-Sei Honten (寿司清本店), but would like to try another restaurant the next time I am there.

            1. re: akated

              As for sushi in Tsukiji, i have not found anything that good ! Sushi i ate in Ginza are really better, but anyway, for 3,000.-yens, i can give you a list, if you want, of the not bad...

              1. re: Ninisix

                yes i would like to know the sushi-ya that are not bad at tsukiji. would appreciate it tons if you can give me some suggestions.

                the places in ginza that you recommend, are they also around 3000 yen for lunch?

                1. re: akated

                  Yes, the other good sushis in Ginza like Sushi Ichi is at 3000.-yens and is very very good... After you have the Ootaru sushi in Ginza also, the branch in Shinjuku is successfully right now (fish provenance = 80% from Hokkaido). In the Shinjuku Branch, you can have a "tarabakani leg'' roasted, I didn't see this choice in Ginza, perhaps in asking... Tsukiji outer market so-so sushi-yasan shop list might be long, and if i have to justify why i think it will take, will have to find the notes...

                  1. re: Ninisix

                    it's ok... my friends just indicated that they need not necessary have sushi at tsukiji. will try to steer them towards ginza after visiting tsukiji for sushi then! thanks for the recommendations =)

    1. i did like aronia de takazawa a lot too when i had it in february. although, at the end of the meal, i can't help but wonder what sort of a dish would chef takazawa come up with if he were given a limit on the amount of expensive produce allowed for a dish.

      don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that everyone can come up with great dishes just because they have expensive ingredients. it's just that every dish of the meal was so decadent in terms of ingredients used, that by the end of the meal, i was slightly overwhelmed. and i didn't even take the most expensive course!