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Feb 6, 2011 07:19 PM

Sonic Burger - Fort Lauderdale, FL

We were promised a whole new Sonic Burger experience, complete with alcoholic beverages. Coming Summer of 2010!

It's Winter, 2011. Where oh where is my Sonic Burger at Beach Place?


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  1. Dunno if I would pin my hopes for eternal happiness on the promise of a Sonic, whether or not it was serving alcoholic beverages.

    Have you tried ROK-BRGR?

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    1. re: southocean

      I have and it's FANTASTIC. It's my favorite new burger joint but they don't fill the same need as Sonic. For one thing, they have a distinct lack of cherry limeades and while rok:brgr has amazing sides (the fried b&b pickles make my heart sing (and clog)) there will always be a special place in my heart for Sonic's onion rings.

    2. I'll ask my neighbor the next time he visits - he owns more Sonics than anyone and should know. If I remember, I'll post it up...

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        1. re: SouthFloridaFoodNerd

          Ask when they're gonna open one in Miami too. We're waiting....

      1. Well,I don't know when they are coming to Florida, but we have two here in Schertz,and one in Universal City, and none of the Sonics here in Texas sell alcholic drinks.Think someone is pulling your leg on that score.

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        1. re: HollyDolly

          They are already in Boynton Beach and Lake Worth.

          1. re: Alfred G

            We had two in Homestead pre-Hurricane Andrew.....and both failed.....A group of African-American businessman brought them in.....Now...there's one currently underconstruction in Homestead....on Campbell Drive.......Hopefully it does well.....I hit the Sonic in Jensen Beach earlier today for Double Sonic and Strawberry Limeade......and it was pretty danged good......

            Ft. Pierce, FL

        2. Looks like one is opening on Commercial Blvd in Lauderhill/Ft. Lauderdale. (8050 W. Commercial Blvd.) Its on their website as coming soon. Finally!

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          1. re: scabharris

            theres one in lake worth and one in the good part of riviera beach off northlake and congress and one on boynton bch blvd west of 95

            1. re: seminole phil

              I've never thought of Sonic as being anything other than just another generic fast food place. They have decent chili dogs and o-rings. Do we really need both fast food and alcohol indulgence all in one place? Offering alcohol would be a deterrent for most families, not an attraction.

          2. Hey, my old thread is back! There is news, FINALLY. They just started hiring at the beach location, so maybe it's really going to happen soon. I'm not holding my breath, though.