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Feb 6, 2011 05:58 PM

Best Onion Soup in Orlando?

Looking for the best Onion Soup in Orlando. Preferably not a super fancy restaurant, but willing to go a bit upscale (if necessary). Sticking to Orlando area, not the beaches or way up in Ocala.

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    1. re: askdrtodd

      Could be. Or cream of Onion. Or something more in line with Japanese onion essence soup.

      I prefer the gratinee variety myself, but like others.

      1. re: cloudship

        i like the onion soup at outback....

    2. For french onion soup, I really like the Ale House and wildside BBQ's. I second that in regards to Outback's cream of onion soup.

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      1. re: melpadilla

        I used to like it, back when they first had it. But now I find it way too pasty. But it is pretty hard to find a cream of onion soup versus mor traditional kinds.

      2. Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux is worth a shot. They offer seasonal soups and they vary but they have served a french onion soup there.

        1. Coq au Vin had some unbelievably good French onion soup!

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          1. I like the version at Toojay's - no idea why a New York deli has good French onion soup - but there it is. Mimi's Cafe has a decent version too.

            If you want a French restaurant version, I recommend Chez Vincent and the already mentioned Le Coq Au Vin. In fact I say just go there anyway :)

            Le Coq Au Vin
            4800 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

            Chez Vincent
            533 W New England Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789