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Best Onion Soup in Orlando?

Looking for the best Onion Soup in Orlando. Preferably not a super fancy restaurant, but willing to go a bit upscale (if necessary). Sticking to Orlando area, not the beaches or way up in Ocala.

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    1. re: askdrtodd

      Could be. Or cream of Onion. Or something more in line with Japanese onion essence soup.

      I prefer the gratinee variety myself, but like others.

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        i like the onion soup at outback....

    2. For french onion soup, I really like the Ale House and wildside BBQ's. I second that in regards to Outback's cream of onion soup.

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      1. re: melpadilla

        I used to like it, back when they first had it. But now I find it way too pasty. But it is pretty hard to find a cream of onion soup versus mor traditional kinds.

      2. Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux is worth a shot. They offer seasonal soups and they vary but they have served a french onion soup there.

        1. Coq au Vin had some unbelievably good French onion soup!

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          1. I like the version at Toojay's - no idea why a New York deli has good French onion soup - but there it is. Mimi's Cafe has a decent version too.

            If you want a French restaurant version, I recommend Chez Vincent and the already mentioned Le Coq Au Vin. In fact I say just go there anyway :)

            Le Coq Au Vin
            4800 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

            Chez Vincent
            533 W New England Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

            1. The best french onion soup that I have ever had was served at flying fish on disneys boardwalk. It is not on on the menu often, but if you happen to be there when it is on the menu, don't pass it up.

              1. I've found that Stonewood has an excellent soup; they also have the best topping for the soup, in that the cheese they use toasts nicely and isn't so stringy you need a knife to cut it.

                I also like the Onion Soup at Longhorn. I think it actually has the best broth, but the topping isn't as nicely done as Stonewood.

                1. Rusty Spoon downtown as a great onion soup.