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Feb 6, 2011 01:32 PM

My review on Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine Feb 2011

We a group of 7 people went there this Sunday for a brunch due to the high positive feedbacks on here, I thought I would bring my family there to see how great the food is.

Our order was all dim sum, we ordered some traditional more common cantonese dim sum, and a few new dishes like steamed salmon rice roll which was the best dish of the table. Other than that, we ordered siu mai, sticky rice wrapped with lotus leaf, chives dumplings, egg tarts, squid tentacles, shrimp rice rolls, plan rice rolls, chicken buns, chicken feet, fried shrimp with mango, sticky rice dumplings and turnip cakes.

Everything was steamed upon order, but the quality of the food was not what I was expected from the reviews on here. There are tons of MSG in their dishes, buns were not soft, sticky rice with lotus leaf was awful, like eating a pizza dough. The turnip cakes were as bad as the ones at chinese supermarket, my grandma can make a lot better. Dumplings were so sticky as well, you have to chew a few times to get the dumpling skin off your teeth. We ordered 3 different kinds of rice rolls, cause my family has different taste. They were all average just like other regular chinese restaurant, except the salmon rice roll which was quite good. It was actually the combination though, not the skill or quality of the rice roll itself...

Frist thing that I really dislike a chinese restaurant and would never go again is how much MSG they put in. My family felt so thirsty after eating their dim sum!

Second thing is how innovative the dim sum is, I like new stuffs.

But overall Emperor is not the worst but it definitely need some improvement on the food to compare with its rivals. The bill came to $90 after tax and tips. They shouldn't call themselves as Fine Chinese Cuisine, sorry but would never go again for dim sum. I will however try their Monday's special $19.99 Peking Duck though.

Please if anyone know a place that is BETTER than Emperor and their dim sum contains 0 - minimal MSG, let me know I will bring my family to try it out. The only one I know is Casa Imperial.

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  1. I too wasn't impressed w/ Emperor's dim sum (only went once though). Their dinners are much better.

    Have you tried the other nearby places for dim sum? O'Mei serves dim sum, usually very fresh but not overly fancy. Yangs and Empire Court are more fancy/high end. Some like Ambassador as well. There's Casa Victoria further east on Hwy 7, and Dragon Boat (I haven't been there lately though).

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      I'll try Yang's next week, hows the msg level for the other rest?

    2. their dim sum is sub-par, and they have shockingly rude service. nuff said

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      1. re: shekamoo

        Shockingly rude service from Yang's??!! Most Interesting?!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          no no I was talking about Emperor. Yang's is great in every way

      2. High positive feedbacks pertains to dinner and NOT Dim Sum!!

        1. we also love Emperor for dinner and not for dim sum. IMO the best lately is RichLand on 7 and the very best is Grand Chinese Cuisine at the DoubleTree on Airport Road.

          Grand Chinese Cuisine
          655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON M9W1J3, CA