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New (sorta) pizza place in Falls Church?

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I can't remember the name of the relatively new pizza place in Falls Church but I do remember a lot of discussion about it. Some said they had good experiences, others not so. Since it's been open a while (last fall?) has it settled in? I was watching Extra Virgin on the Food Network yesterday and they were making pizzas in their pizza oven (husband is native Italian & seemed to know his pizza :) and the pizza looked soooo good - thin, crispy crust with bubbles, not too many toppings.

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  1. perhaps you're thinking of Pizzeria Orso ?

    1. Maybe Pupatella? Husband is from Naples. The place is in Arlington though.

      5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

      1. Yes - Pizzeria Orso. We just checked yelp and saw good & bad reviews which is not very encouraging/enticing. I was wondering if any chowhounds have been there lately and is it worth trying by now.

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          Ignore Yelp. Orso is fabulous. So is Pupatella!

          5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

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            They are both very houndy! Orso will set you back a few more $$.

        2. Thanks, everyone! We're going to try both :>)

          1. Both Orso and Pupatella are excellent. But don't go expecting a crispy crust. They're both Neapolitan style, which means a soft and chewy crust.

            1. Could it have been Paisano's? I love the Paisano's in Chantilly!

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                paisano's is not a neapolitan crust. we still enjoyed their pizza and stromboli from the falls church spot. their dipping sauce for the garlic knots (as well as the knots themselves) was really outstanding. (and we were NOT fans of garlic knots, but i am very picky about sauces.).

                as to the OT, i think it is orso that is the one in question. we had a nice one last year with the ramps and fresh egg. i prefer pupatella, because i think it is a little less expensive, and i can get a burrata platter there.

                the profile at orso is charred edges and bottom, but very thin and weak crust in the middle…even to the point of soggy. pupatella is similar, but a little less soggy, IMO.

              2. Given that the original post is a year old, it could be Flippin' Pizza. It's a good New York style slice or pie. The 2 slices + drink special went up from $5 to $6 middle of last year but it's still a pretty good deal for a quickie.

                There's a new (from late 2011) Italian cafe in the same building - the one with the flowers painted on the side - as Flippin' called Sfizi. They have pizza among other things. Haven't tried it yet. Flippin' always calls me when I'm heading in that direction and looking for lunch.

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