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Feb 6, 2011 12:50 PM

Good spots in Portugal?

My so and I are heading to portugal late May for 2 weeks. Planning on 1 week in algarve (lagos?) and a week in lisbon. We will have a car and are looking for info on local markets and good authentic eats. Read about a good local restaurant out near Sagres some time ago so we plan on visiting that one-although I do not recall it's name. Any advice, tips are appreciated as this is our first visit to Portugal.

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  1. I suggest you start by running a search on this board for "Lagos" (top right corner of the page). This will answer a large part of your question.
    Markets: This link will give you the dates, of the "gipsy makets" and a lot more info about the Algarve... and this one: the daily markets of which both Lagos and Aljezur are pretty good.
    Generally speaking, if you avoid the Irish pubs and similar foreign owned restaurants, you can eat well and relatively cheaply inlocal restaurants. Shellfish and sea-bass are as expensive in Lagos as they are in the rest of the world, but clams and sardines are cheap...

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        You're welcome. When your plans firm-up, I might be able to be more precise!

    1. @ Jennysue

      I live in Lisbon and will be happy to give as many recommendations as you might like once you solidify your plans. In any case, feel free to check the archives as I have given hundreds of recommendations over the past two years!

      Boa Sorte!