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Feb 6, 2011 11:58 AM

Mac n Cheese recipe that looks like Krafts Mac N Cheese

I would like to make a home made mac and cheese that has the same texture, color as the bought stuff for when we have kids over. I make a terrific Martha Stewart mac n cheese, but the kids think it looks "funny". Does anyone have any ideas, maybe orange cheese as a starter? I want to use real cheese, no Velveeta, and I want it to taste good.

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  1. I think Alton has a recipe for Stove top mac and cheese that is supposed to mimic Kraft.

    1. I think this is a good one: .

      I make it for my kids but they still prefer the box (Annies).

      1. I know someone will come forth with the Alton Brown recipe, but here's my thoughts. Kraft mac n cheese in the blue box is one of my childhood favorites. As an adult, I make great 4 Cheese Pasta that is my absolute favorite, but when I want Kraft I want it just as it is. There are a few things that make it what it is: pretty low quality elbow macaroni that is very small, cooks too quickly and has almost no flavor--a "cheese" powder that contains chemicals we cannot purchase in the grocery store--and a dayglo orange that is almost impossible to reproduce.

        For the sake of your sanity, and the happiness of the kids, I say just continue to make what we always called Kraft Dinner. Whether you serve them this, or some "healthy" pasta containing lots of cheese, it will make little difference in the long run. Knock yourself out on food when people will appreciate it.

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          I agree. They are too young to appreciate good food. Make your martha stewart version for the adults (and that rare and special child that knows good food), and the kraft box for the rest of the kids. I think you'll be kicking yourself by slaving over a good dish with real cheese, and the kids don't even care.

        2. I'd go with a simple cheese sauce- start with a roux, add milk and cheddar cheese. Maybe you could even find a cheese powder that's just dehydrated cheese (might make it more orange). Toss over boiled elbow noodles.

          1. only problem is the blue box doesnt taste the same as it used to...

            so if u use a good cheddar as the base the color should be close...u might need a little mustard powder..for taste....

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            1. re: srsone

              I agree the blue box doesn't taste the same but it's the closest you will get to it. All believe all other attempts are futile......children know.

              1. re: escondido123

                my 3 yo will eat any kind of mac and cheese so far...
                but the kraft cheddar explosion seems to be her fave so far...

                i agree the kids will know...if they know the blue box...just the different shape pasta will let them know...

                and i cant find my other favorite box anymore...called golden grain mac and cheese....

              2. re: srsone

                I think the reason the blue box doesn't taste like it used to is because they've changed the cooking instructions (to make it "healthier", I think). Somewhere hidden on the box (at least in the US) are the old instructions with all of the buttery, salty goodness you remember.