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Feb 6, 2011 11:10 AM

Flat iron steak in Van

Where can I buy me some , DT I hope ??

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  1. I've seen and purchased them at Whole Foods on Cambie occasionally. Was quite tasty and inexpensive (as a flatiron should be).

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    1. re: peter.v

      Any ides how cheap? As I usually buy my steak at SS, so WF 'cheap' might be comparatively not so cheap for me

      1. re: vandan

        I think it was $8/lb. I thought it wasn't bad, considering that wasn't much different from the price I was paying for organic Angus flatirons in Alberta direct from the farm.

        1. re: peter.v

          Ya. $8/ lb is ok I guess, do you know if its something that they stock regularly or is it rare (pun intended) to find it there?

          1. re: vandan

            I haven't seen it every time I've been. Their meat selection, though good, seems to rotate through different cuts. I'll keep an eye out for them the next time I'm in there.

    2. Flatiron steak = shoulder blade steak, and is easy to come by. At most standard butcher shops (or supermarkets like WF that have a staffed, full-service meat dept).

      Mebbe this is a good opp for you to try out the new Big Lou's (now open) :-)

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        1. re: LotusRapper

          A shoulder blade steak may not be separated into the flatiron though. The flatiron is specifically cut so that the connective tissue that runs down the middle of the blade roast is removed and then either side of that roast is cut into flatirons. Unless the steak is specifically marketed as a flatiron, or as a top blade steak, you're running the risk of having a tough steak.

          1. re: peter.v

            Here's a video that shows you how to cut your own from a top blade roast.

            1. re: peter.v

              Ya I have vowed to never buy blade again, no matter how cheap it is , as it pretty much always ends up tough and chewy even when I braised it

              1. re: vandan

                ok so i was wondering, i don't beleive i have ever had flat-iron before is it anything like flank steak ,in taste , chewiness etc..?

                1. re: vandan

                  If overcooked, you have something resembling shoe leather, but served rare (med-rare at most) is very flavourful and chewy-tender (the gristle should be trimmed away but it still has a bit of chew to it but not at all tough). I last had it at La Brasserie and they did quite a decent job of it. It's not grainy like flank. Can't say if flavour similar as I haven't had flank in ages.

                  La Brasserie
                  1091 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E1M5, CA

                  1. re: vandan

                    flat iron is an american cut of beef to promote the use of the whole cow. name so because of the shape of the bottom on an iron. is is more tender than flank steak. flank steak is tougher and may require marinade to break down the connective tissues or slices for stir fries.

                    does anyone know where i can find hanger steak? it is more similar to flank steak but with more flavor.

                    1. re: betterthanbourdain

                      i was buying it pretty regularly at the Butcher shop @ SoCial ( now Mc leans) , but stopped going there when they dramatically raised the price of their sandwiches, just got off the phone with them and they converted it to a deli , so no more hanger there