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Feb 6, 2011 11:10 AM


Going up to Portland this week and want some 'off the beaten path' type places to try. Anyone?

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  1. This is actually a pretty tough one as there are few secrets in Portlands food scene and when anything new and good comes along, the path gets beaten pretty quick to its door. I did eat at a fairly new restaurant the other night - District - hard to find web site but it just got reviewed in the paper so it's bound to become more popular. Really enjoyed it. Something different for lunch would be to get a slab of great pizza at Micucci's on India St. Pizza is served up some steps in the back of the store and the process of getting your food is soup nazi esk. Enjoy.

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    1. Definitely agree on sfogliatelle. They are up to the quality one gets in Naples.

    2. Hard to believe that I'd mention a place that's been around for 12 years as being off the beaten path...but I don't think Bibo's Madd Apple Cafe has never gotten the press that so many of the Portland "standards" do. For me, it's always consistently good...and when I lived in Portland when it first opened, it was one of my regular go to spots. Many restaurants have come and gone in that time, but Madd Apple endures.

      Bibo's Madd Apple Cafe
      23 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04101

      1. Closest thing I can think of that you may not be familiar with is Boda, a Thai restaurant on Congress St. at Longfellow Square. Definitely not the usual fare; instead, a more limited menu with fewer noodles and a diverse authentic set of choices. Have eaten there several times, and IT'S ALL GREAT.

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          I know I wasn't the one originally asking but upon researching Boda a bit, I'm moving it up my own list several notches. Menu looks very interesting and I love their sister restaurant - Green Elephant. I've walked past Boda at least 50 times. Next time I'll definitely try it out.

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            Boda is awesome! When you go soon, get the Northern-style sausage.

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            Boda has AMAZING Beef Panang. I've also had the crispy duck in 5-spice honey -- also good.