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RIP Knight Salumi

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  1. Double bummer. I did enjoy their products

    1. Odd. Wonder what happened since Jan when Knight posted on this thread that they were just moving offices and fixing some hiccups in production?

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        Did you see the post soon after where a Chowhounder had talked to a Knight employee at one of the farmer's market and the employee said that there were BIG problems with the move, etc? (next to last post in the thread you cited, by camilles on Jan 22, 2011)

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          Duh, guess I should have continued to follow that thread, but no Bizz I didn't. Quit after Knight posted since that seemed to answer the Q. That's too bad, sorry to hear of any business folding. Mr Island enjoyed their products.

      2. Booooooo...that is really disappointing.

        1. Man, tremendous loss. :( I've always enjoyed their products. It seemed their product was gaining a foothold in the restaurant community too. I wish them the best and somehow pray they come back in one form or another. A step backwards for SD. Sigh.

          1. Noooooooo! Their fennel sausage was a monthly staple in our diet. What a disappointment; for Knight and for San Diego.

            1. Damn. I'm really bummed about this one.

              1. I was looking for them at the farmers market a week ago and was sad not to find them, had no idea that it wasn't just a temporary blip. Any ideas about if they are working on a revamp/reorg?

                1. What a shame... I would be very curious to know what happened.

                  1. While I loved their salumi and super duper loved the brats (German husband) this does not surprise me at all. The meat business can get very cost prohibative. If chef Knight was changing facilities the USDA would have required some sort of inspection and additional monies. If the business was growing from boutique to larger retail it may have gotten very burdensome. I loved your work Rey Knight.

                    1. Very, very sad for San Diego. Farewell, Knight Salumi.

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                          Interesting. I had spoken to Albert's fiancee one afternoon at Toronado, maybe a month ago, and she had told me that Albert and Josh were taking over the company and re-opening it under the "meat men" name, but then all this stuff about Knight going out of business came up and I was wondering what the story was.. Makes sense now.

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                            Thanks for the info. What a travesty that Knight Salumi had to close up shop under those circumstances. I wish Rey Knight the best of luck in the future.

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                              We moved some general conversation about small businesses and regulations over to our Food Media and News board, since that issue is larger than just San Diego: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/767198

                            2. I saw them last week at the OCEAN BEACH FARMERS MARKET

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                                Were they selling their remaining stock?

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                                  I do not know, I mentioned the article and said that he was still going strong,

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                                    Majorly weird. Knight's website and twitter feed both say CLOSED.

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                                      It is possible that they were off loading their stuff.

                              2. Went to the OB Farmer's Market yesterday, and the stall was up, but no Knight Salumi sign. Same tent, though.

                                Talked to the guy about everything (not sure which guy) and he said it was just him now, everyone else left the business, but Wednesday was his first day back in production and now salumi is being made again. Yay.

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                                  Will be interesting to see if the quality stays high...

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                                    Do you know if he'll be at any of the other farmer's markets? I miss my weekly fix at the Hillcrest market.