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Feb 6, 2011 09:35 AM

your favorite olive oil?

I'm nearing the end of my bottle of Bertolli extra virgin olive oil. I was just wondering if any of you foodies have a fondness for a particular brand of store-bought olive oil.

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  1. As a fellow Bertolli user, I will recommend Fairway's Trevi Umbria EVOO.
    Look -->

    1. Zaytoun - a FairTrade organic Palestinian one which is gradually becoming much easy to find. Finest tasting oil I've ever come across.

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      1. re: Harters

        Is that available in the US?

        I buy Olive Branch Olive Oil, a fair trade Palestinian olive oil available in the US that we order online.

        1. re: funniduck

          Apologies for not responding earlier, funniduck.

          It may be available in the US - certainly I recall a post saying it was available in Canada. However, it is probably impossible to get at the present. My two usual sources in the UK are both out of stock. They tell me that the producers are currently being prevented, by the Israeli blockade, from exporting the oil.

      2. The flavor/quality of all brands will always vary year to year, since it depends on the crop. I just use the Costco/Kirkland brand, mostly because it's a good deal.

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        1. re: ediblover

          I second that point about "vintages." Last year's taste-test winner isn't generally this year's winner. I try to shop where there's good turnover, the better to avoid a 1+ year old bottle.

        2. I've been using Frantoia Barbera EV Olive Oil for years. Very clean and very flavorful. IMO, it's good enough to cook and finish with.

          1. We use Trader Joe's Kalamata extra virgin olive oil. It means a long drive to Trader Joe's but an extra bottle on the shelf in the pantry gives ample warning to restock.