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your favorite olive oil?

I'm nearing the end of my bottle of Bertolli extra virgin olive oil. I was just wondering if any of you foodies have a fondness for a particular brand of store-bought olive oil.

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  1. As a fellow Bertolli user, I will recommend Fairway's Trevi Umbria EVOO.
    Look --> http://www.fairwaymarket.com/shop/pro...

    1. Zaytoun - a FairTrade organic Palestinian one which is gradually becoming much easy to find. Finest tasting oil I've ever come across.

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        Is that available in the US?

        I buy Olive Branch Olive Oil, a fair trade Palestinian olive oil available in the US that we order online.

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          Apologies for not responding earlier, funniduck.

          It may be available in the US - certainly I recall a post saying it was available in Canada. However, it is probably impossible to get at the present. My two usual sources in the UK are both out of stock. They tell me that the producers are currently being prevented, by the Israeli blockade, from exporting the oil.

      2. The flavor/quality of all brands will always vary year to year, since it depends on the crop. I just use the Costco/Kirkland brand, mostly because it's a good deal.

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          I second that point about "vintages." Last year's taste-test winner isn't generally this year's winner. I try to shop where there's good turnover, the better to avoid a 1+ year old bottle.

        2. I've been using Frantoia Barbera EV Olive Oil for years. Very clean and very flavorful. IMO, it's good enough to cook and finish with.

          1. We use Trader Joe's Kalamata extra virgin olive oil. It means a long drive to Trader Joe's but an extra bottle on the shelf in the pantry gives ample warning to restock.

              1. I've been very happy with California Olive Range products. The Arbequina variety is very fruity. Price is not that bad either. I use it for salad dressings and finishing and use the lower end stuff for cooking with.

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                  Good olive oil has always been a problem for me, as soon as I find one I really like, the supply seems to dissapear. I chalk it up to getting a lot of my choices from a local gourmet store, which carries at least 50-60 different oilve oils at any given time but only 1-2 bottles of each (and tends to never get the same one in two times in a row).
                  My record favortie was one of the ones put out by Alawi (a Lebenese company that does a lot of food products) They have a line of something like 7-8 olive oils (each from a different area of Lebanon) of which I've managed to taste 5-6. Some were good, some were not (Zagarta I remember I found absoutley awful, as I do not like very peppery oils) My favorite was the Akkar I think (It was the one from the groves that are 2500 years old I remember, but I don't have the little description booklet next to me to confirm which one it was) Alas I haven't seen a bottle of any of them since then, and Alawi doesn't do mail order (probably becuse they do all thier business directly from Lebanon, rather than through an american importing company).
                  Other ones I used to like and can't readily get any more are Alili (the Moroccan one that comes in the oval bottle) and Yellingbo (Australia) (okay, I do know how to get that one, but I can't bring myself to pay the $13-14 premium per bottle over Whole Food's prices (themselves exorbitant) that Zingerman's wants)
                  At the moment I'm using Rafaelli (Italy) the version that comes in the ceramic bottles. It's good enough for basic uses, though to be honest, I buy it for the container as the oil as they are so useful for later refilling (you know how they say that it is important to keep your olive oil in as little light as possible to keep it from going bad, well waht container can be better for that than one that is completely opaque?). But I am always on a quest for the next great oil.

                2. I like & have been using Philippo Berio extra-virgin olive oil for many years now. Buy it by the gallon from Costco. It's relatively light, yet quite fruity, with no bitterness. It's the main oil I use for all my cooking - & that's saying a LOT.

                  1. I've just finished a bottle of Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil which I would buy again...but recently SCORED a bottle of Lucini Estate Select Extra Virgin olive oil at....WalMart!!!! for $5.98!!!! 8.5 ounce bottle and it tastes lovely, I would also recommend the Lucini.

                    1. We usually have 3 types of extra virgin olive oil for use and cooking. For most cooking where we want to use olive oil, Bertolli's and Bertoia make nice clean, well balanced oils that are subtle enough to cook with and not mask the flavors of key ingredients. For salads and emulsions we splurge on higher end, blended variety oils from small producers in Italy and California. For the real special dishes where it is the oil on parade, like dipping fresh crusty bread topped with a sprinkle of sea salt, we go after the annual releases of Novello or fresh pressed olive oils. Since leaving Italy, our most reliable source of the novello releases have been through Olio2Go.com As expensive as a thoroughbred wine, but there is absolutely nothing that can compare with a fresh, single olive varietal bottling that is pressed within a day or two from the tree, bottled unfined and unfiltered and then sold or shipped immediately.
                      Fragile stuff and not something to store for a year or more but one amazing experience.

                      1. The Tuscan EVOO from Costco that comes in the 1L glass bottle.

                        Really excellent stuff.

                        1. You did say that you wanted "store-bought" olive oil and mentioned Bertolli as a brand which you use, so I am assuming that you are limiting the discussion to supermarket-available olive oils, not high end oils available in boutique gourmet food shops in New York City. (I note from your bio that you're a New York resident.)

                          The foregoing applying, I like Vigo and the Publix house brand here in Florida. I suspect that you cannot get Vigo (a Tampa-based importer) in NYC and am almost certain you can't get Publix there. Of the ones that probably are available, I like Colavita and DaVinci.

                          (I am trying out the Paul Newman brand now, but haven't opened it yet. Generally, I think the Newman products are a step above their competitors in most types of foodstuffs, but the Newman extra virgin olive oil is a relatively new arrival here in Tampa, so I haven't tried it before.)

                          Last but not least, "Cooks' Illustrated" did a taste test on supermarket olive oils in 2008. They top rated Columela with Lucini Italia Premium and Colavita in a tie for second. I've never tried either Columela or Lucini because I don't think they are available here in Florida.

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                            It varies. I'm now finishing up a perfectly OK 3L can of organic extra virgin from Fairway (Italian olives), bought at $29. for everyday cooking. I also have a Costco liter of its IGP Tuscan, an excellent value at $9/Ltr. I'll add to that soon a more characterful oil for dressing and seasoning, like the amazingly fresh Frantoi Cutrera oils from Ragusa, Sicily: their DOP "Tonda d'Iblea" varietal is a perfect mid-weight marriage of grassy/spicy and mellow/golden, or an equally good one from Calabria's Olearia San Giorgio.

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                              Lucini is my hands down favorite. It has a light fruity taste that you can just eat with a spoon. Since it's a little pricey these days, I've been getting Publix or Newmans or Kroger or WF365 in the big bottles for cooking, and saving the Lucini for salad dressing and simple pasta with olive oil and garlic.
                              I find the Lucini at various grocery stores here in West Georgia, but I don't remember which ones!

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                                jm, check your Wal-Mart if you have one...found a bottle there for $5.98!!! Was last month, but still, it was a good buy. I doubt ALL Wal-marts carry it, but worth a try if you don't have to drive very far.

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                                  holey moley! I think I paid $18.99 for the last bottle - it was the big size, but still.....
                                  Thanks! There's a Walmart here in town.

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                                    It was $5.98 for the 8.5 ounce bottle...doubt I'll ever see that again--it may have been an error but it rang up at $5.98 also...eesh!

                            2. My favorite e.v. olive oil is Olio Santo but it's expensive and I've only been able to find it at Williams-Sonoma. I use it when we're having something where the olive oil needs to really be excellent. Otherwise I like to use Bertolli and Colavita. This is a great thread - I'm jotting down some of the names of oils I've never used or seen before and plan to try them out.

                              1. forget supermarket olive oil... a friend recently told me about a new brand sold on Amazon called Baja Precious... it is gourmet EVOO from Baja California... who knew??!! anyway, this evoo is SPECTACULAR and gives the fancy european brands a run for their money; it comes with a clever pouring spout and is only $15.99 for a 750ml bottle...

                                1. I use De Cecco... Yes like the pasta! 8 to 9 bucks for a one liter bottle. Good for cooking etc...

                                  1. Joel Robuchon favourite is "Masia el Altet", I tried it at his joint in Las Vegas and was hooked forever. You can buy it online