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Feb 6, 2011 07:34 AM

Any stores in DC that sell Naga Jolokia peppers?

I'm looking to make some ultra spicy wings for the super bowl, but habaneros just won't cut it. Does anybody know of stores that sell fresh or dry naga jolokia peppers? Worst case scenario, no peppers, what is a store that sells ultra spicy hot sauces or extracts?

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  1. There is a hot sauce store on the block between the metro stop and Eastern Market. They have extracts and maybe even a naga jolokia sauce or powder. Naga's have a really short shelf life and my understanding is that one can't get them fresh. I ordered my dried whole and powdered online from a hot sauce website in California. At the time, it was the only source I could find.

    Uncle Brotha's Hot Sauce Store:
    225 7th Street Southeast, Washington D.C., DC 20003
    (202) 546-3473

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      I went down to Uncle Bruthas. Apparently he closed his shop, but still sells his house brand hot sauce at the eastern market flea market.

      1. re: TenleyExpat

        That's too bad, it was a great little shop.

    2. I would also like to know of a store or market that sells good (flavorful) hot sauces and/or peppers. I am visiting my gf here, and we both love spicy, but she laments how she can never find anything spicy here (which I've found as well in my 5 days here). Even the jalapenos and serranos from Safeway were completely non-spicy.

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        I don't know of another hot sauce store. There are excellent Korean super markets that have a good variety of peppers though called Super H Mart. I think you'll need a car to get to them. The one I like is in Fairfax. Wegman's super market in fairfax also has much better than average produce and every thing else for that matter.

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          My Safeway has decent peppers (Georgetown Safeway.) Jalepenos and serranos are as hot as they are supposed to be, (look for ones with more brown "stretch marks" and those will be hotter) and they also have thai hot peppers and habaneros. Rocklands in Glover Park has a great hot sauce selection, as I found out after my Uncle Brutha's disappointment, probably 75-100 different bottles of varying spiciness. California Tortilla locations also have a ton of hot sauces, but I don't know if they are for sale or just for putting on your burrito.

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