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Feb 6, 2011 06:55 AM

Dinner [London]

Surely time for a thread on the most-hyped London opening since Ramsay at Claridges.

Have any CHs been yet? I've got a reservation in a few weeks and will report back. The general view from people who have been so far is that it does deserve the hype and is a beautiful room as well apparently.

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  1. thought I'd try and snag a table over the next month but all booked up for 8 weeks minimum according to the site!

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    1. re: socanth

      yeah i think that may is the earliest you can get a booking now?

      1. re: socanth

        I have a table on a Tuesday night at the end of April. Booked it in January. Cannot wait!

      2. If nothing else, we will now find out who has the power on this board. :-)

        1. Review from Saturday's Telegraph:

          I think he liked it!

          1. going on the first saturday of March for lunch. will report back!

            1. I have reservations for next Month and again for Mother's Day weekend. Will try and report back after next month :)