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Feb 6, 2011 05:06 AM

The Challah Fairy

Supersol in the 5 Towns is now carrying the challahs and cakes of this wonderful baker from New City.

The Challah was wonderful and The Chocolate babka was the best babka we ever tasted.

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  1. I wasn't impressed with the Challah. It looked enticing, but didn't taste at all special. We couldn't figure out the point of it. Good name, though.

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    1. re: cappucino

      was not impressed with the challah. the chocolate chip crumb challah was more like cake. the babka was not so wonderful either

      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        We had the cinamon crumb challah thought it was great. However, if you do not like really sweet challah than it's not for you. Also, we usually warm the challah before Shabbos.