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Feb 6, 2011 03:36 AM

Metropolitan Cafe @ Shelby Township, MI

The review in Metro Times is promising. Anyone have first-hand experience?

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  1. Hi D.,
    Yes, Metropolitan Café is good. For those living within five or six miles of there, it is a MUST try, particularly considering the dearth of competition in the area. I would liken it maybe to Lily’s Seafood in Royal Oak, but with a smaller menu which more relies on a daily feature. I had fish and chips which were nice and decently priced. My wife’s meal was fresh fish sautéed with maybe a lemon caper sauce, served with very fresh steamed vegetables and some kind of unique grain side---it’s been a few months, so I don’t exactly remember.

    This seems like a good place for a 30/40ish professional single person to sit and eat at the bar. It is shaped like a big horseshoe, so I suppose people make eye contact around it, and send cocktails, etc.. Again, though, Metropolitan Café’s best selling point is that there’s hardly anything in the area with taste. So, I’m not suggesting anybody make the trip there, say, clear from Novi or Grosse Pointe!

    1. There's another one of these "Groupon-esque" deals (it would seem that there are no limit to the copycats...I can't keep up!) at and it's for Metropolitan Cafe in Shelby. It's the typical "Spend $12 to get $24" deal, but if you're looking to try this place (I have to admit I'm tempted, myself), the deal is only for the next day plus five and a half hours.

      Looks pretty good to me!

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      1. re: boagman

        That, right there, is a link to them that'll get you $5 for signing up as well, and yes: $5 to me. Just in case this place interests you, which it does for me. I bought one.

        1. re: boagman

          I went during my French Onion soup campaign (they have white bean soup that is really good) and had the three cheese toasted sandwich. The food was good and the atmosphere is very B'ham on 23 mile. I would go again.

          1. re: goatgolfer

            I think if someone described a restaurant to me as "very B'ham", I'd avoid it as I would Plague. "very G'Pointe" the same. lol.

            1. re: RedTop

              If the food is good just get on your pink shirt, plaid pants & docksiders.

              1. re: schaf1

                I suppose...

                Thanks for the chuckle, schaf.