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Feb 5, 2011 11:12 PM

Question about organic and pastured meats

Would you pay a premium to have organic and pastured meats and organic produce from local farmers delivered to your home in the city?

I'm trying to determine if I should do this. It's seems to me to be an interesting opportunity, I get to buy a lamb, cow, pig, etc. and they hold it for me frozen (I don't have room for a huge freezer in Manhattan) and they'll deliver it to my door once or twice a week.

I have no problems defrosting and I love the idea of being able to visit where this product is coming from, however unlikely that I would ever do that, it's just nice to know I could.

Maybe I'm out of my mind, just curious to others opinions.

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  1. I'd happy to go to the greenmarket and get these meats. I don't need it delivered to my apartment. That way I'm buying from local farmers, and I can buy whatever cuts and quantities I want.

    1. I already buy most of meat direct from a small farm. They sell over the internet, delivering in insulated boxes on an agreed date. We order about twice a year, topping up from farmers markets as we need. The farm produces beef, lamb and pork and all the animals are raised to high welfare standards.

      So, to answer your question, I imagine that many board users will be interested in buying high quality meat if they dont already have their own sources.

      1. Eh... I could be wrong, but it seems like (lots of money) + (cost/pollution of gas to deliver one product to my house) - (ready availability of organic/pastured options in the store/market where I'm already shopping) - (having to plan far enough ahead to let them know what to deliver) = more trouble than it's worth.

        But this is just my version of that calculation. YMMV.