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What can you hide in a brownie?

The brownie is the Trojan horse of the food lot with people sneaking in prunes, black beans, illicit pharmaceuticals, and the like. What have you slipped into a brownie without your audience noticing and how much?

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  1. Shredded carrots & orange zest.

    1. the aforementioned black beans and prunes. also avocado, zucchini, beets, banana, figs, dates...but i think it's important to note that i don't believe in trying to "trick" people with food or "hide" ingredients. with things like this, my friends are my guinea pigs and either they know i'm trying a new recipe on them and assume there's something unusual in there, or i tell them what it is because i want to know if they can pick up on it.

      illicit *pharmaceuticals?* never. but herbs, sure ;)

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        Waaaaaaaaahahahahaha, ghg. Too funny!! My sentiments, exactly!

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          I like black bean puree in brownies. It really helps to make them fudgy, which is a big plus in my book.

        2. I've had good luck with beets.

          1. Applesauce. Cayenne peppers but the flavour is not exactly subtle...

            1. Nutella.

              Does that count?

              Oh, and leftover babyfood. Does that count?

              1. full disclosure baker, here! HST, I've put coffee, liqueur, veggie puree, fruit puree, black beans, avocado, peanut butter, bacon, curry powder, wasabi powder and carob chips in various brownie batters.

                  1. I didn't do this and didn't partake, but a sorority at UAlta slipped Ex-Lax into a batch of chocolate ones for a mixer way back when.

                    I've put in about a knifepoint worth of dried Bhut jolokias into a small batch. Piment d'espelette is a milder variant that does work especially if there's a bit of bitter chocolate involved. Foie gras too (but not at the same time as the chiles).

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                        a plastic baby during Mardi Gras :) (hey, what can you do with the spare?)

                      2. My daughter once "improved" a boxed brownie mix by stirring in a two whole bags of miniature Reese's bars, brought them to an office party, and secretely watched while people tried them. She saw lots of smiles and heard several "you've got to try these" comments.

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                          Okay. Now I think we're on to something.

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                            okay, but now we're talking obvious enhancement, not hiding! totally different :)

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                              heck the sunflower seed peanut butter & nutella brownies were amazing yesterday. Is that what you were looking for lboeckx?

                        2. 2 boxes of Ex-Lax chocolate chews. And yes, I left the house for the weekend, and locked up all the TP and paper towels before I went.

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                            Oh, that sounds downright EVIL!

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                              Did you attend the University of Alberta?

                              1. Flaxseed meal. Helps when I'm making brownies vegan because it substitutes in for eggs. About 1 TB for every egg in the recipe (plus hot water)....not really for health benefits, more for respect of dietary preferences.

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                                  I made some vegan brownies with garfava meal instead of flour. They were pretty good, actually, partly because I put extra chocolate chunks into the batter (always a good idea with brownies, imho). Now that I think about it, I ate the whole batch myself so there were no issues of "hiding" the vegan/no gluten aspect of these brownies.

                                2. Beets are a personal favorite to "hide" in chocolate. They don't take away from the chocolate color like applesauce would

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                                      After mamachef's brownies...you drink alot of water and eat bags of Dorito's!

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                                        Aren't those the other two major food groups? : )

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                                        marijuana does not fit the OP. people definitely notice. maybe not right away.......

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                                          you notice after a few hours when everything is "totally awesome".......

                                      3. i dont "hide" anything...

                                        about the only thing i ever add is chocolate chips or m&m's