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Feb 5, 2011 08:13 PM

Yogurt for Beef Stroganoff

I'm in the mood for beef stroganoff but the heavy sour cream doesn't interest me. I'm planning on doing it more like a stew with braised beef, lots of mushrooms and onions, with white wine and some smoked paprika---all on egg noodles. So it I use yougurt how do I keep the yogurt from breaking up? I''ve heard use a roux but also heard cornstarch would do the trick. Anyone tried the cornstarch? Thanks much.

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  1. As long as you stir in the yogurt right before cooking, after it's been taken off the heat, you should be fine. Whole-milk yogurt would be best.

    1. I would do the same as I do with sour cream, by tempering it first with a few spoonfuls of the hot liquid (stirring briskly as you do so), and then adding it, stirring, slowly into the pot. If you want the dish to be thickened, you can add a bit of flour to the yogurt before you temper it.

      1. First off, if you're going to use yogurt, either drain it or use Greek yogurt, otherwise you're going to have soup. But since you're making a braised beef stew to start with, you obviously cannot turn it into "Stroganoff." Sounds like you may be after some sort of fat or calorie control, and if that is true, there are better ways to gain that goal than what you describe. True Stroganoff is never made with precooked meat. Which is not to say that what you're making can't taste good. It just won't really be "Stroganoff." '-)

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          C-1 I don't tire of your good sense!

        2. I talk about using yogurt in my Turkey Stroganoff post here . If you are looking to reduce the amount of fat in your recipe then there is no reason not to use yogurt. Will it be a "True" stroganoff? Of course not. Will it meet the goals you have set forth in your own kitchen? Absolutely.

          1. I use yogurt as a sour cream sub. I think the other posters make valid points for this recipe. You could consider using reduced fat sour cream. I like it better than full fat. The brand I like is Daisy.