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Feb 5, 2011 07:17 PM

Fresh fries in Tokyo?


I'm not having much luck finding fries that aren't from frozen. Does anyone have a great fresh fry place they'd recommend in Tokyo? They needn't be fried in duck fat or anything crazy, just looking for some that didn't come frozen in a bag. I'm new here and obviously just haven't looked in the right places.


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  1. The best freshly-made fries I had in Japan were of my own making. I used nishi yutaka potatoes (picked them up at a Hokkaido fare at Daimaru or similar) and triple cooked them (blanched in water and dried overnight, then blanched in oil and dried again, finally crisped at a higher temperature). I found that the most common varieties of potatoes in Japan (danshuku and may queen) don't make very good fries, and because those are the cheapest varieties, restaurants that make their own fries are most likely to use them.

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      The May Queen variety of potato has a lower water content than the others, and makes quite a good fried potato. We used them for home-made hash browns.

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        Many thanks for the potato info! I'll try them at home.

    2. I love the fries at Kuaina Burger, a few locations around Tokyo.

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        They're not fresh, but frozen.

        Same with the fries at Viron, in case someone recommends those. I'm pretty sure they're the same as McD's fries.