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Feb 5, 2011 07:03 PM

Recent Visit to Taste Buds in Sunnyvale

Seriously this place had some of the best indian food I've had in a long time. Each and every dish was an explosion of flavors. Unlike other indian restaurants, each dish was a standout and not one tasted the same as the other. We went a little overboard and tried the following dishes between the two of us:

~Gobi Manchurian - this was recommended by the server. Who knew deep fried cauliflower would taste oh so good. Crunchy, spicy, battered cauliflower that tasted like sri ra cha!

~ Onion Kulcha (2 orders just because it was that good) - freshly made naan filled with lots of sweet onions that complemented the entrees so well. ~Garlic Naan - also came out piping hot. Flavor was delicate for garlic, but still delicious.

~Lemon Rice - I loved that they had a variety of rice dishes. We decided to try the basmati lemon rice which was a bright yellow fluffy bowl of basmati rice with just a hint of lemon that you can sense at the back of the palate.

~Palak Paneer - I always try the Saag/Palak Paneer when I go to other places, but this one was different. Their version was a fresh bright green blend of spinach with tasty chunks of paneer and just had so much depth of flavors.
~Chicken Tikka Masala - Buttery, sweet, spicy tender chunks of chicken in a heavenly broth that I just wanted to drink like soup!
~Goat Curry - Boyfriend said it was absolutely the best goat curry he's had in a long time. It was rich, with just the right amount of gaminess.

~Mango Lassi - Creamy, fresh, tangy.
~ Chai Tea - came out in a styrofoam cup just in case we wanted to take it to go..but it was so perfect with dessert. No additional sweetener needed as long as you eat it with Gulab Jamoon.
~Gulab Jamoon - Often overlooked in the buffet , here at Taste Buds, these heavenly dough balls fried with a hint of cardamom are soaked in a sugar syrup were the perfect ending to the meal.

Overall, this hole in the wall is our new favorite Indian restaurant. No frills, just good food. Can't wait to go back.

Taste Buds
673 Grape Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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  1. Yeah, we really like this place a lot. It's a hole in the wall, as you say. So those of you looking for Gaylord's, don't come here and then complain.

    The food is great. We've liked almost everything that we've tried. Except for one of the rices, can't remember which. Thet have the best garlic naan in the Bay Area, IMO. G-O-A-T goat! Love it. And the prices are really good.

    1. Did you order off the menu or dine from the buffet? I've had the buffet several times and agree - the flavors are brighter and more interesting, with some unusual vegetable dishes, than most steam-table joints (and the bar in Sunnyvale is pretty high). But once I ordered takeout and was disappointed. At the time (a year or so ago) I assumed that what we ordered wasn't their specialty, but I think we might have gotten just what you did (I can never resist saag paneer, and I think my husband got chicken tikka masala as well).

      I have wanted to go and eat in for dinner to try the masala brains.

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      1. re: Cicely

        We haven't tried their buffet...but went again for dinner tonight (3x in 2 weeks...) On my second visit, I tried their butter chicken and I love it much more than the tikka masala. Today some of the new dishes we tried were the Fish Pulusa - which just was the right tanginess and lots of chunks of fresh fish. Also tried their onion pakora and unlike other places, theirs is not greasy! Haven't had a dish yet that I didn't like.

        1. re: Cicely

          Taste Buds has now expanded into the place next door, which really increases their seating area. I guess they can especially use it for the lunch buffet crowds. Dinner there last night was as good as ever - the palak paneer better than I remembered, the goat curry just as wonderful.

          Cicely, might you be confusing this with Shalimar or Shah nearby? I don't think there are any masala brains on the menu at Taste Buds, though they have them at the other places.


          1. re: mdg

            On Grape opposite the car wash? No confusion - I tried to make it there for a late lunch last week, but just missed their lunch hours. Maybe they took brains off the menu.