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Feb 5, 2011 06:50 PM

Il Terrazzo... is it worth the $

I will be in Seattle for a 4 day weekend in Feb. My friend is suggesting Il Terrazza. It's her favorite. With so many fabulous restaurant choices, do we want to go there? Thanks for the advise... in advance.

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  1. lovSeattle, Your friend has excellent taste. While Seattle is fixated on the newest, greatest restaurant to open, Il Terrazo Carmine continues to deliver food and service as you would experience in Italy. There is a reason they continue to prosper while others disappear. Go.

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      1. re: Leper

        I agree on all accounts. I love Il Terrazo Carmine. That said, if I were visiting a city and had a limited amount of dinners to try, I'm not sure it would make my must-try list.

        1. re: Lauren

          Thank you all for your comments. Lauren, what would make your must-try list?

          1. re: lovSeattle

            Depending on where you are coming from: Staple & Fancy, Book Bindery, Poppy, Spinasse, Corson Building...

            Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

            Book Bindery
            198 Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98109

      2. Il Terrazzo is fabulous but for the same money I'd rather be at the Book Bindery.

        If you do go to Il Terrazzo, the venison ravioli is a knockout.

        Book Bindery
        198 Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98109

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        1. re: terrier

          Building from terrier and Lauren's comments, ITC is an example of a sort of timeless and romantic Italian dining that is very unique in Seattle, but which you can readily find in other cities, especially on the east coast. You could instead have enjoy more contemporary fare that represents local ingredients and style, including the places mentioned by other posters plus Sitka and Spruce, Tilth, maybe Mistal Kitchen and Crush.

          1. re: equinoise

            My friend and I will be coming from Kansas we don't need to try any BBQ restaurants! Ha! We will have 3 dinners in Sea. It's so hard to make restaurant choices in such a fun city. One dinner will be Il Terrazzo for sure with a group of locals and they picked it. We will be in the Pioneer Sq area, so it works well. The other two dinners I haven't decided on yet. Which restaurant would be fun, interesting, great food and atmosphere? As Midwesters... we are suckers for the water views.

            1. re: lovSeattle

              Totally agree with Lauren and Equinoise - haven't been to the Book Bindery yet but have a rez for later this month.

              If you're set on the water view, I'd consider Ray's Boathouse. It has also been around a long time, is not trendy, but it meets your criteria for fun, interesting, incredible water view, atmosphere, service, and great food. A few on this board haved groused that the food is overrated but I have always had spectacular meals there. The mussels in curry alone are enough reason to go and the wine list is outstanding. I always take out-of-town guests there - one friend from Ohio insisted on eating there 2 nights in a row during his visit because he loved looking at the Sound and the mountains AND the raw oysters. Note that you might want to go for lunch or happy hour this time of year if you want the view- or have a drink upstairs in the cafe early and then dinner downstairs after dark.

              1. re: bourbongal

                Great suggestion! Il Terrazzo one night, Rays Boathouse another and one of Tom Douglas's restaurants the other night? Maybe The Palace Kitchen?

                Palace Kitchen
                2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

                1. re: lovSeattle

                  Agonizing choices but I'd go for one of Lauren or Equinoise's suggestions over Palace Kitchen, even though I love Palace Kitchen. Someplace like Tilth or Staple and Fancy is more local and unique. Since your time is limited, I'd rely on their advice.

                  1. re: bourbongal

                    It really is an "agonizing" decision. There are so many incredible choices in Seattle. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm hungry already!! :)