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Feb 5, 2011 06:18 PM

BEST meal in St. Martin- BY FAR!!!

Just back from our second sensational meal at L'Estaminet. Here is a restaurant that LOVES their customers and shows it with everything and anything they serve. We started with the tartare, which was "smoked in cigar"- Outrageous and outstanding. My appy was the special beet ravioli- I don't like beets or goat cheese. A four star wonder!!!

Dinner consisted of the duck for my wife and I had the fish and lobster special. Both dishes were plated with love and passion and tasted it as well. WOW!!

The chocolate ball for dessert was amazing and beauiful at the same time. And their free after dinner cocktail.....

If you are in Grand Case, or planning on being in Grand Case, and doing all of the research to find the best of the best, then don't miss L' Estaminet- one of the best....anywhere!!!

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  1. Is the food northern french/flemish style as the name suggests? That would be a great addition. We will be down in a few weeks and I'd like to try it out.

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      It's upscale novelle French cuisine. Don't miss it.

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        We have a vacation place in St. Maarten and spend a lot of time there. There are too many fantastic restaurants in Saint Maarten to mention. A few tourist traps as well. If you can narrow it done I can be of assistance. Are you staying on the french side or dutch side? What towns/cities are you planning on visiting? What are you food preferences? Local, French, Indian? Price range. (To eat out at fine dining restaurant every night can be very pricey and some of the best places are some of the more reasonably priced ones. Let me know if you want some ideas.

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          02putt please comment on spots in Marigot for lunch (en route to AXA)...also your fav spot in Grande Case for dinner, moderate and casual...

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            We're renting a villa on the French side. Been to St Martin before and pretty much stayed on the french side as its quieter. We like Grand Case and Marigot. As to cuisine, we will eat pretty much everything but prefer to stick with French and local food as I think that's probably what is done best there. No price limit since we like to enjoy ourselves when we are on vacation. Love the lolos and we already have an opinion on the one we like best, but open to suggestions about other spots.

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              Well, if you look at the top of this thread, that's our favorite by far. As for the lolos, the one in the back right in our opinion is the best...and also 1-1 dollar for euro. In cul de sac, right before the turn, is a pizza place that makes great pizza, along with fabulous steak frites!! Authentic and very local.. Stay away from Ti Provincial and it's new location....suckamundo!! Have fun and enjoy...Wish we were there!!!

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                had a less than wonderful dinner at Ti Provincal..the host/waiter was rude, the wait, abysmal and they serve all kinds of unsustainable fish such as Parrotfish, the reef cleaner and grouper, the only known predator to Lionfish...phooey...keep the recs the French side..

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              Please give me your list of good restaurants. The price or location does not matter. Thank you very much.

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                Yes, any recent intel? Thanks in advance!

          2. We ate one of the best dinners we ever had at L’Estaminet last week. It is located at the end of “restaurant row” in Grand Case on the French side of St. Martin. The owner, Carole, is a gracious and friendly host who speaks both French and English. The dress code at the restaurant was casual to dressy casual with no jackets required for men.

            Many of the restaurant’s dishes feature the techniques of “molecular gastronomy”, but other dishes were traditionally presented. The portions were quite generous and our server explained each dish in detail, which added to our enjoyment. The restaurant is open-air so it can be warm, but ceiling fans kept it cool. There was a lot of loud traffic on the street just 10 feet from our inside table; we noticed it but it didn’t bother us because the meal was so engaging.

            For such a fancy menu, the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. Our dinner was expensive but was a highlight of our trip. We highly recommend it.

            N.B.: Tuesday nights in Grand Case there is a street festival which attracts a huge crowd. It’ll be difficult to find parking and hard to have a relaxing meal.

            1. Is this place fairly new? We have a timeshare there but have not been in 3 years and I don't recognize that name.

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                L' Estaminet is not new. I've been writing about it for the past few years as my choice for the best of Saint Martin. This place is a DON'T MISS choice when dining in Grand Case.

              2. L'Estaminet is our favorite restaurant in St. Martin and anywhere for that matter. Other great restaurants on the island are Piazza Pascal also in Grand case, SkipJack's in Simpson Bay for seafood. Not fancy but good. Dreams in Nettle Bay on the French side. IZI in Simpson Bay for simple but excellent red sauce dishes.